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Behavioural Analysis 2024

 Conference CFP


  21 May 2024 through 23 May 2024


  Brentford, England United States

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Sponsoring organization:

  Green Light Limited


  Business - Economics


Event description:

Behavioural Analysis 2024 will offer valuable, practical insights into the behavioural analysis techniques used to identify individuals with negative intent at sports stadia, entertainment complexes, transportation hubs, governmental institutions, tourist attractions, city centres and other crowded places. The papers will include a blend of academic and practitioner viewpoints with all speakers being asked to ensure that their presentations include actionable takeaways for security practitioners, governmental regulators and academic researchers alike. In the current challenging geopolitical climate, and whilst the globe is still in post-pandemic recovery mode, all venues are becoming increasingly concerned about how they can protect themselves and the public from terrorist, criminal and other hostile attacks. The poor mental health experienced by so many, along with insider and online threats, are also taxing those with responsibility for keeping society secure. Those in the secu... Read more

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05 February 2024  |  102 views


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