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American Scissors and Shears

An Antique and Vintage Collectors' Guide

by Philip R. Pankiewicz

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2013
Pages: 308
ISBN-10: 161233251X
ISBN-13: 9781612332512
Categories: HistoryHistory & Biography


American Scissors and Shears provides an historical overview of more than 100 companies and individuals involved in producing scissors and shears in the United States from the mid-1800s to approximately 1930. Accompanying and enhancing the text are hundreds of photographs, advertisements, and patents of the many varieties of antique and vintage scissors produced during this time period.

The book will prove invaluable to tool collectors, cutlery collectors (including knives and scissors), sewing enthusiasts, history buffs in general, and to those interested in early American industries.

Some books have provided broad overviews of the history of scissors; others have investigated sewing implements, including scissors. None to date have provided the in-depth survey of American-made scissors presented in American Scissors and Shears.

About the Author

Philip R. Pankiewicz received his Master of Natural Sciences degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and his Doctorate degree from Clark University. As associate professor, he was involved in various environmental science, biological science, and mathematics programs and served as director of undergraduate and graduate secondary science education programs. He was also the on-site coordinator for the New Jersey Alternate Route to Teacher Certification program in Southern New Jersey prior to his retirement.

As a cutlery historian, Dr. Pankiewicz published New England Cutlery, an historical overview of the many cutlery companies that once operated in the New England states. This was followed by New Jersey Cutlery, the result of a New Jersey Historical Commission grant to investigate the New Jersey cutlery industry. He has been a contributing editor to National Knife Collector magazine and staff correspondent for Knife World.