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Fighting Corruption and Unethical Practices


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  26 Jan 2022 through 27 Jan 2022


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  Compliance Online


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This is a practical hands-on intensive course on ethics in business; and how to identify and prevent bribery, corruption, unethical conduct, and conflicts of interest. In recent years, scores of economies, from Britain to Brazil have followed America’s lead in tightening anti-bribery enforcement. Offences that once drew a mere reprimand now attract fines that run into hundreds of millions of dollars together with long prison terms for offending employees and managers. Bribery directly damages your business and your reputation. However your business is not the only victim. The wider losers are the government and the larger society, both of whom are severely undermined by the weakened rule of law and damaged economic and social development. As such, Governments are making anti-corruption programs an integral part of compliance. All firms, corporate or other need to have an effective compliance program wherever they operate and in whatever industry they operate. This two-day/multi-session, intensive training course, is a practical look at corruption, current anti-corruption practices and how to effectively comply at a level that equips participants with both a clear definition and guidelines as to how this scourge can be fought. This course also provides a set of detailed issues and checklists to help make setting up your own anti-corruption program easy to do. Learning Objectives: What corruption is and how to recognize it How to set up your own anti-corruption program and ensure compliance with both regulation, as well as international conventions Red Flags and other warning signs that point to corrupt practices How to implement a process that will allow you to continually improve your anti-corruption measures without overwhelming your organization Steps you can take to better understand your global corruption risks The need for ongoing risk assessments and review Why third-party due diligence can make or break your program Who will Benefit: This practical hands-on training course has been designed for all businesses both large and small. The following job titles/ positions will benefit from participating; Ethics & Compliance Executives/Managers General / Corporate Counselors Corporate Legal Executives/Managers Business Division Managers Branch and Regional Management Supply chain and procurement directors, managers and their staff Board members, especially risk and audit committee chairs and members

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23 November 2021
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