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Developing Research Skills

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  18 Apr 2021


  Online Event | United Kingdom

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  London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Academic LAB


  Education / Legal / Other - Other


Event description:

The workshop is designed for students, young scholars and independent researchers who would like to improve their academic research skills in order to succeed in studies and in career. Flexible and interactive, this workshop will provide an overview of research, including how to find information, generate the aims of a project, read critically, evaluate sources, and manage a research project. This workshop offers delegates the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary research and critical thinking. Topics will include: Interdisciplinarity and Critical Thinking: Awareness and looking at the overlaps within disciplines Critiquing the literature (quoting, paraphrasing and summarising) How to get started (exploring literature and locating emerging themes) The workshop will be divided into 2 sessions with a short break. All the participants will receive certificates of attendance. In order to book a place, please register on https://registration.lcir.co.uk Regist... Read more

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16 February 2021  |  191 views


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