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FEMINIST ISSUES - in the social-economic structure of the contemporary world The XV th Edition

 Conference CFP


  24 May 2024 through 25 May 2024

CFP Deadline:

  28 Apr 2024


  Online Event | Romania

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Sponsoring organization:

  Romanian Academy


  Arts & Humanities - Other


Event description:

OBJECTIVES Some fundamental concepts of the current feminist issue will be analyzed:  defining gender identity (including gender selection difficulties, homoeroticism, etc.),  the description of gender stereotypes present both in the education received in the family and at school, through books and toys intended for children, through mass media, through the way society is organized, etc.  analysis of bioethical elements in the case of women's bodies (eg: fertility, sterilization, adoption, abortion, etc.).  presentation of the metamorphoses of the role structure in the modern family, interpersonal communication in the case of couples;  the influence of religion in defining the status of women in society;  differentiated socialization for women and men;  the obstacles encountered by women in acquiring a professional career, in affirming their professional value;  the problem of domestic violence (the situation of domestic violence in Romania);  measur... Read more

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07 January 2024  |  191 views


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