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8th International Conference on e-Democracy: Safeguarding Democracy and Human Rights in the Digital Age

 Conference CFP


  12 Dec 2019 through 13 Dec 2019

CFP Deadline:

  18 Aug 2019


  Athens, Greece

Website URL:


Sponsoring organization:

  Scientific Council for the Information Society


  Engineering & Technology - Computer/Informatics


Event description:

The ever-evolving digital age is becoming more intelligent and the future internet is shaping up. Technologies supporting the digital transformation, such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, blockchain technologies, and robotics are developing in unprecedented rhythms. A new digital environment emerges, promising a lot, but also raising concerns about democracy itself and individual rights and freedoms. The relatively recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has profoundly influenced public opinion and -as written by many- has changed the world and the way citizens see their digital future. The effects of fake news and targeted political campaigns enabled by data misuse on democratic processes raise serious concerns. There are also fears of affecting the outcome of a democratic election itself. Moreover, the rapid development of technologies supporting the digital transformation, which is largely driven by significant economic benefits, raises concerns about the im... Read more

Posting date:

29 July 2019  |  201 views


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