Academic Conference Proceedings

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The Conference proceedings publisher is a service from BrownWalker Press for academic conference organizers for publishing your conference proceedings. The purpose is to provide conference attendees and the general public easy access to your conference proceedings and the papers presented at your scholarly conference.
How it works

  • Conference organizers get permission from authors to publish their conference papers.
  • After the conference, the best papers are collected and published online in ebook format, easily accessible via the internet. Where there is sufficient demand, we also make the collection available in paperback and distribute it through 1000s of booksellers such as (Individual authors can opt out if they wish.)
  • Your institution or organization receives a royalty on ebook, article and paperback sales.

This is a free service. There is no cost to the conference organizers or authors. When readers order copies the royalties are paid to the conference organizing institution. The proceeding are posted at online and sold in electronic format to the general public for approximately US $25 per download. Your organization will earn 10% to 20% of the retail price depending on the mode of the sale. The ebook edition is published at no charge. The sponsoring organization may distribute PDF copies of proceedings to the authors free of charge. If your organization wants to make the proceedings available in print, you must commit to purchase 75 copies in advance at 40% off the retail price. The retail price of a typical 300 page proceeding is $29.95. Once in print, it will be made available for sale, for which royalties are earned for your organization.