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44th Annual International Cryptology Conference 2024 The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) is a non-profit scientific orga...
18 - 22 Aug 2024
Santa Barbara, United States
PEAI 2024
PEAI 2024 : The Economic Perspective on AI AI technology is progressing worldwide. The aim of the interdisciplinary conference is to ana...
05 - 06 Sep 2024
Johannesburg, South Africa
Euro Reproduction, Fertility and Gynecology Conference Euro Reproduction, Fertility and Gynecology Conference will feature the most recent scientifi...
23 - 23 Sep 2024
Paris, France
Neuroscience 2024 The Society for Neuroscience is the world’s largest organization of scientists and physicians...
05 - 09 Oct 2024
Chicago, United States
RCOG World Congress 2024 A collaborative global event between the RCOG and the Omani Society of Obstetrics and Gynaeco...
15 - 17 Oct 2024
Muscat, Oman
MedLIFE 2024 : The 1st Mediterranean Life Sciences Union The Mediterranean Life Sciences Union organizes the 1st MedLIFE at the Congress Center of the...
08 - 10 Dec 2024
Istanbul, Turkey
World Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Congress World Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Congress which is going to take ...
16 - 17 Dec 2024
Online Event | Japan
09 - 12 Jan 2025
New Orleans, United States
Society for Intelligence History Annual Conference The Society for Intelligence History (SIH) is pleased to announce a call for papers for its f...
06 - 08 Feb 2025
Washington, United States
8th World Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities We are delighted to invite submissions for the SHCONF 2025 conference, a premier event bringi...
14 - 16 Mar 2025
Berlin, Germany
12th Edition of Global Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems Join us for the distinguished 12th Edition of the Global Conference on Pharmaceutics and Nove...
17 - 19 Mar 2025
Online Event | Italy
34th Euro Dentistry Congress Welcome to the 34th Euro Dentistry Congress, scheduled to take place on March 21-22, 2025, in...
21 - 22 Mar 2025
Paris, France
Society for Military History Annual Meeting 2025 The Organization of American Historians (OAH) is the largest scholarly organization devoted t...
27 - 30 Mar 2025
Mobil, United States
2025 OAH Conference on American History The Organization of American Historians (OAH) is the largest scholarly organization devoted t...
03 - 06 Apr 2025
Chicago, United States
2th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering (MATCON-2025) Welcome to the 12th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering..! MATCON-2025 Hea...
23 - 24 Jun 2025
Barcelona, Spain
Virtue Insight's Packaging, Labelling, Serialisation, Track & Trace, Supply Chain 2024 6th Annual Pharma Packaging, Labelling, Serialisation, Track & Trace, Supply Chain 2024 “Se...
24 - 24 Jul 2024
Hyderabad , India
ICEER 2024
2024 The 11th International Conference on Energy and Environment Research (ICEER 2024) Conference Proceedings: Accepted and presented papers will be published into conference proc...
24 - 26 Jul 2024
Coimbra, Portugal
2024 the 10th International Conference on Virtual Reality (ICVR 2024) Publication: Accepted papers will be included in ICVR 2024 conference proceedings, which wil...
24 - 26 Jul 2024
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
BDE 2024
2024 6th International Conference on Big Data Engineering (BDE 2024) Accepted papers will be published in the ACM international conference proceedings (ISBN: 979-...
24 - 26 Jul 2024
Xining, China
Develop A Predictive Model Using Snowflake And Sigma Developing a predictive model strategy is critical in the ever-evolving landscape of data ana...
24 - 24 Jul 2024
Online Event | United States
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Predatory Conferences

Beware of inauthentic conference events and scams. Many of the events on this website are crowd-sourced, meaning that they are entered by anonymous users. While we to try to identify and remove inauthentic events, it is almost impossible to know for sure if an event is a scan.

If you have doubt about the authenticity of an event, please read how to identify below, and if you believe you may have found a fake, please let us know so we can remove from our site using our contact Form.

Please include the BrownWalker.com Event URL or Event ID number, or last number sequence in the URL. It looks something like the following: https://brownwalker.com/event/262607

In addition to the means to described below, you may be able confirm the legitimacy of an event by contacting one of the event speakers associated with the event. If their email address is not posted at the event website, many academic email addresses appear online at their institution, with whom you may confirm their involvement with the event. A positive reply will lend credibility to an event and suggests that it is likely to be legitimate.

What is a Predatory Conference?

Predatory conferences (sometimes referred to as bogus, fake conferences or predatory meetings) pretend to be legitimate scientific conferences, but their purpose is to profit from registration fees without any qualitative contribution to the scientific community.

Predatory conferences take two forms:

  • The conference does not take place at all... or
  • The conference takes place, but in inadequate quality

Reader the rest of the article at Charles University, Open Science Support Center at https://openscience.cuni.cz/OSCIEN-37.html

How to Identify a Predatory Conference?

See articles below:

Employment Scams

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Criminal and/or civil liabilities may arise from such actions and we intend to cooperate with competent law enforcement agencies and to ask them to take appropriate action whenever such phenomena occur. Accordingly, we would ask you to immediately get in touch with us via our website Contact form (above) upon receiving a suspicious offer and additionally notify the police or other competent authority.

In any case, please disregard any written or oral request for a job offer or an interview that you believe is or might be fraudulent or suspicious.

Please note that under no circumstances shall Universal Publisher, Inc. be held liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages, expenses or other inconvenience resulting from or in any way connected to the actions of these imposters.

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