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International Conference on Marketing and Consumer Psychology


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  18 Feb 2016 through 20 Feb 2016

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  03 Feb 2016


  BAngkok, Thailand

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  JA Alpha Business Research & Publishers Pvt Ltd


  Business > Marketing/Social-Networking

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Conference Objectives! Marketing! A Great and Powerful Tool! Marketing experts, quite often, observe that the big challenge being faced by the industry today is to pitch the right product at the right time in the hands of the customers, amid great competition. The challenge becomes further complex in the world of digital and mobile commerce. The field of marketing, of course, is a critical intersection between sales, customers and the manufacturers. Marketing helps design the right strategy to clearly identify the opportunities unfolding in order to achieve the organizational objectives. Ensuring Success of New Products! Arguably, yet another bigger task and challenge is to plan and bring new products to market based on the tastes and preferences of consumers. Needless to mention here that the company management should make tremendous efforts not only to retain the existing client base but continuously make in-roads into the new market and get new customers. Interestingly, every marketing team makes an all-out effort to understand the customer mindset. However, it is a harsh reality that not everyone is quite successful in this stupendous task. Keeping the above features and challenging tasks in mind, the upcoming conference in the beautiful city of Bangkok, aims at achieving the following objectives. More specifically, the conference aims to: Conference Objectives: a) Identify the emerging trends and challenges in marketing and consumer psychology in this world of digital commerce; b) Encouraging budding researchers and veterans in the field of marketing to share their rich experience and knowledge based on their research outcomes; c) Provide a great platform for researchers, marketing experts and practitioners to network and share their research and practical experiences to develop models and systems for addressing the challenges being faced by the domain of marketing; and d) Suggest undertaking inter-disciplinary research not only in marketing but in other related fields as well.

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04 September 2015
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