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Researching Medical Education, RME 2021 Conference - Agility and Flexibility in Research

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  18 Nov 2021


  London, United Kingdom

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Sponsoring organization:

  Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME)


  Medicine & Health - Medical-Speciality


Event description:

Researching Medical Education is a one-day conference for all those interested in medical and clinical education research. The conference is designed and run by the Association for the Study of Medical Education’s Education Research Committee. This year's theme of agility and flexibility reflects important characteristics of successful clinical education research at any time, not just during a global pandemic. The process of research rarely goes completely to plan and can be influenced by factors beyond the researcher's control. RME 2021 presents an opportunity to share and discuss research approaches that allow for adaptation and to consider the practical and ethical implications of maintaining flexibility in research. Keynotes and interactive workshops will include discussion of the benefits and challenges of online research and how education research understanding can be applied in flexible ways. The RME conference will be of interest to career researchers, teachers of medi... Read more

Posting date:

27 August 2021  |  180 views


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