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Pharmacovigilance on the Internet and Social Media MasterClass

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  14 Sep 2021 through 16 Sep 2021


  Online Event | Hungary

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  GLC Europe


  Medicine & Health - Pharmaceutical / Medicinal


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The direct interaction between patients / users of pharmaceutical products and the Pharmaceutical Companies has had a big increase since the widespread use of the Internet and social media. In parallel, the requirements of the competent authorities towards the exhaustive collection and management of any adverse events related to the products marketed by the Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAH) are becoming more and more tight in order to better guarantee that the safety of the patients using the products is the highest standard. As an additional fact, the use of social media and the Internet have brought to game table agents that were not used to fulfill or to even know the pharmacovigilance standards required to the Pharmaceutical Industry. As a result of this the role of Pharmacovigilance has become key to correctly address a series of activities (electronic surveys, chats, chatrooms, etc.) and players (Product Managers, Communications Managers, Community Managers) in order to gu... Read more

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18 June 2021  |  149 views


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