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UaacAauc Conference 2021 Call for Papers (submission due: May 16)-Session 3. Asian Collections in Canadian Museums and Galleries from the Nineteenth Centur

 Conference CFP


  05 Oct 2021

CFP Deadline:

  16 May 2021


  Online Event | Canada

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  Arts & Humanities - Art History


Event description:

#UaacAauc Conference 2021 Call for Papers (submission due: May 16) | #AaucUaac 2021 Congrès Appel à communications (date limite de soumission: 16 mai) https://uaac-aauc.com/2021/ Session 3. Asian Collections in Canadian Museums and Galleries from the Nineteenth Century to Today Sisi Li, University of Regina Karla McManus, University of Regina Starting in the 19th century, Canadian museums and art galleries began collecting Asian art and artifacts. Early collections came from the donations of collectors (mostly merchants and scholars), while later sources were more diverse. By considering the history and evolution of these collections, including their collectors and acquisition histories, it is possible to analyze how Canadian Asian collections follow the evolution of ideas in art history, influenced by imperialism, colonialism and Orientalism. We invite papers on topics related to the history of collecting Asian art in Canada including: how has the interpretation of Asian ... Read more

Posting date:

07 May 2021  |  170 views


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