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The Chemical Biology Discussion Group End-of-Year Symposium: Deconvoluting Protein Networks

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  06 Jun 2024

CFP Deadline:

  16 Apr 2024


  Online Event | United States

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  Life Sciences - Animal-Biology


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The goal of the Academy's Chemical Biology Discussion Group is to enhance interactions among local-area laboratories working in chemical biology and to showcase cutting edge research in chemical biology to the wider community. The program features distinguished keynote speakers in addition to short, cutting-edge talks covering a range of topics in chemical biology. A committee of experts selects the short talk presenters from abstract submissions. The meeting will also feature a poster session. Submit a poster session or short talk by April 14, 2024 and be part of a dynamic conference program at the forefront of chemical biology research. Researchers at all levels and across disciplines and sectors can advance their work in a relatively small and relaxed venue designed to foster dynamic dialogues – propelling their research, and the science, forward. Poster presenter opportunities are reserved exclusively for graduate students and post-docs. Location: Weill Cornell Medicine ... Read more

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16 April 2024  |  209 views


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