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Training on Managing and Engaging Remote Employees/Virtual Teams/Telecommuting: How to Keep Teams Connected from Afar

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  12 Dec 2019


  Online Event | United States

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  Training Doyens


  Business - Human-Resources


Event description:

Virtual team building is more difficult and it becomes harder for informal leaders to emerge tougher to create genuine dialogue, and easier for misunderstandings to escalate. Our upcoming webinar discusses the key techniques that are specific to remote management, including how to supervise across time zones and even cultures. The webinar covers the following key areas: • Develop, implement, and maintain a telecommuting policy • Use technology to support a virtual workplace • Develop virtual leadership skills LEARNING OBJECTIVES Dealing with real challenges from the virtual workplace Culture and the role it plays on a Virtual Team Communication Challenges Working with time zones Tips for managing remote employees and their performance from a distance Build Relationships with virtual team members and virtual team building activities for the workplace WHO WILL BENEFIT Anyone who is part of a remote team or interacts virtually with team members or managers who have remote... Read more

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07 December 2019  |  195 views


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