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Strategies for Getting Your People and AI Working Together

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  20 Nov 2019


  Aurora, United States

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  Training Doyens


  Business - Management / Leadership


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OVERVIEW From driverless cars, trucks, and delivery drones, from kiosks to chatbots, the number of jobs being displaced by AI, machine learning, and automation continues to grow. Even industries such as banking and finance, law, medicine, training and education, staffed by highly skilled professionals whose jobs had been considered immune from automation, are being disrupted. The harsh reality is: no industry is safe, including yours. The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds, in which people and computers play to their strengths, and offset each other’s weaknesses. In this webinar, you’ll take your first steps in identifying these strengths and weaknesses, and formulate an initial strategy for implementing the workforce of the future in your organization today. This strategy will also include how to make AI work for your business, setting up plans for workforce training, along with a system of governance that will reduce risks associated with increasing levels ... Read more

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31 October 2019  |  158 views


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