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The Wealth from Health Playbook

The Dramatic Path Forward in Healthcare Spawned by the Covid-19 Pandemic

by Douglas Ratner, MD with Susan Walsh, MD, FACP

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2021
Pages: 234
ISBN-10: 1627343318
ISBN-13: 9781627343312
Categories: Business Management & AdministrationBusiness & EconomicsMedicine & Health


Two working physicians with a team of multigenerational, multidisciplinary and rising thought leaders created a system, Wealth from Health, to take an honest, unfiltered look at American healthcare. Rather than beginning from an institutional perspective, the team started from the premise of patients and families best understanding their needs and wants and then designing systems that champion access and health. Step by step instructions allow anyone with a vision to create true value: cost effectiveness merged with high quality of care. Far from theoretical about what might work, or capturing the low hanging fruit of better workflows, this book is an eminently practical guide with reproducible examples and stories from the authors’ decades on the frontline of American medicine.

When Covid-19 first hit our shores, there was no panic. After all, American healthcare had a few problems but it was still the greatest in the world. As the panic set in, it became obvious to all that our system was broken and could not meet the needs of all communities and peoples. America must benefit from the lessons learned from this crisis. Professionals working to the top of their license, the worth of telemedicine, decreasing emphasis on revenue-driving surgeries while helping hospital systems with the bottom line remain basic. The Wealth from Health team shows you how to convince decision makers to take further beneficial steps. In addition to economic worth, this better way also engages community advocates, higher education, school systems and the business community. All are win-wins and sustainable. .


Drs. Ratner and Walsh manage to explain the complex nexus of healthcare and the power of 21st century medical informatics in an easy and understandable format. We see a glimpse of the next decade in the lives of our future patients today.
- Usman "Oz" Azam, President & CEO Tmunity Therapeutics

Our medical students must graduate ready to become strong physician leaders in an environment of innovation and rapidly changing knowledge. Without a clear understanding of population health and science practiced at a molecular level, they will not serve their patients or countries well. I commend Drs. Ratner and Walsh for providing this practical guide that both inspires and informs. Must reading for our graduates.
- Stephen Weitzman, MD, Dean of Medicine at St. George's University

When technology meets art, wonderful synergy occurs. The Wealth from Health Playbook clearly outlines current success and what the future must provide for healthcare to effectively use IT as the tool for efficient, safe and forward looking reform. I am happy to add this to my recommended reading list.
- Arumugam Thanumalaya, MD, President and CEO, Docassist.AI

Both in my role as a state public health executive and presently as a CEO of a federally qualified health center, I have witnessed how difficult it can be to marry safe, quality care with a sustainable business model. The principles of population health outlined in this future-looking text provide the guidelines needed for success. Lessons learned as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic must not be lost. The Wealth from Health Playbook should be on every policy maker's desk.
- Christopher Rinn, CEO, VNACJ Community Health Center, Inc., Former Acting Health Commissioner of New Jersey

About the Author

Drs Douglas Ratner and Susan Walsh met late in their careers and found a shared passion for high value health care. His history of academic medicine and innovation, and hers of community health and policy created a reproducible pathway to fixing the myriad problems of American medicine: inefficiency; inconsistency; over/under/ misuse of testing; and lack of accurate data at the bedside to name a few. Placing the goalpost back where it started, best patient outcome, is a welcome gameplay for healthcare workers and the communities they serve.