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Civil Rights in America

A Handbook of Legal History

by Daniel McLinden

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2021
Pages: 120
ISBN-10: 1627343261
ISBN-13: 9781627343268
Categories: Law & Legal StudiesLaw & Legal StudiesHistory & Biography


Here American history and American law merge into one. Key historical events and landmark legal cases fill the pages of this book. American ideals of “All men are created equal” and “Equal justice under law” run headlong into white supremacy and gender inequality.

This textbook allows history teachers and students alike to explore the social and cultural impact of judicial thinking on American society. The lessons are clear, concise and informative. They can be taught in a single semester in a Civil Rights class or in tandem with an American History class.

A wider reading audience, interested in how the wheels of justice turn, can gain a deep understanding in short order of the history and case law surrounding civil rights.


"A brief and comprehensive analysis of cases with perceptible legal acuity from beginning of the nation to present day. This book gives readers substantial insight into how the legal system did or did not work. It documents graphically how the law is a living, organic and expanding force."
--William J. McCarthy Lawyer/Educator McAllen, Texas

"A must read for history students! Mr. McLinden’s book chronicles details of past and recent events in US history. This book does not contain any fluff or useless information."
--Bitsey Horton Paralegal Los Angeles, California

"A stimulating new book, with a great narrative. It turns usually impenetrable legal writings into a fabled, real-life struggle for civil rights. It shows how lawmakers and courts have promoted and protected personal freedoms, but also have historically attacked and ignored those same freedoms. This panoramic view provides an honest portrayal of the strides and setbacks our country has been dealing with in our march towards Justice for All."
--Robert F. Durham Ph.D. 30-year History teacher Salt Lake City Schools

About the Author

Daniel McLinden is a lawyer (37 years) and a college professor (15 years) teaching Civil Rights and a variety of other courses at community colleges and a university in Los Angeles. He grew up in the segregated South (Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia). He also spent several elementary, middle and high school years in California. In the early 1970s he hitch-hiked through Mexico and South America, later through Europe, logged in Alaska, and taught English to migrant workers before getting an MA in Spanish, then going on to law school. His other writings include a novel (Tracks) involving Mexican American immigrants.