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Herb and Spice Seeds

A Pictorial Field Guide

by Terry A. Woodger

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2011
Pages: 38
ISBN-10: 1612330436
ISBN-13: 9781612330433
Categories: Earth & Environmental ScienceBiology & Natural Sciences


This full-color, user-friendly field guide covers the basics involved in the collection, cleaning, and storage of herb and spice seeds. Learn from an expert how to overcome pests when storing seeds, and handle environmental factors that may threaten the integrity of your seeds. An introduction to identifying different varieties of seeds will make collecting easy for beginner and experienced collectors alike.

Over 100 close-up color photographs of seeds gathered from herbs and spices are included in this encyclopedia-style guide. Each entry identifies the seed's family, common name, species, genera, and origin, and includes collection methods, a description of the number and color of seeds, useful hints for collection, and notes on growing the source plant. Gardeners around the world will appreciate this useful field guide when harvesting nature's bounty and preserving its genetic material for years and gardens to come.

About the Author

Terry Woodger is an experienced entomologist and botanist with over thirty years of experience. He operated his own seed collection business from 1998 to 2008 and worked as an environmental supervisor and horticulturist in the mining industry for over ten years. His skills in collecting, cleaning, and storing seeds were instrumental in the restoration of large areas of land back to their natural conditions. Currently, Mr. Woodger is the senior botanist and horticultural trainer for a local Council in Queensland, Australia. He is a member of the Journal of Australian Entomological Society and the Townsville Herb Society. He continues to collect and classify seeds for his work and personal garden.