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Toward a Self-Centered Philosophy of Immortalism and Cryonics

by Robert C.W. Ettinger

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2009
Pages: 427
ISBN-10: 1599429799
ISBN-13: 9781599429793
Categories: Philosophy & TheologyPhilosophy, & TheologyPhysics & Chemistry


Youniverse is about you and the way things really are--how to improve your chances of a much longer and more satisfying life. It could be called an extension of an old and honorable tradition, that of enlightened self-interest. Traditional ideologies teach sacrifice for something "greater" than yourself, but in the era of cryonics and anti-senescence research, with a little brains and a little luck, you can do much better.

About the Author

Robert C.W. Ettinger is the principal founder of the cryonics movement.