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A Combat Advisor's Guide to Tribal Engagement

History, Law and War as Operational Elements

by Patrick James Christian with a Foreword by Brig. Gen. (Ret.) David L. Grange

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2011
Pages: 152
ISBN-10: 1599428164
ISBN-13: 9781599428161
Categories: Political SciencePolitical ScienceLaw & Legal Studies


This book was written as a source of information and instruction, primarily for government and contractor personnel engaged in the conduct of combat advising, tribal engagement, provincial reconstruction, social development, and conflict resolution at the tribal, foreign military/government, or other sub-cultural level. It will also be of interest to the families and friends who remain behind and find the ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Latin America incomprehensible. They may find that this guide helps to clarify at least the intended goals, if not the methodology, that deployed personnel are supposed to be following.

"I finally finished Patrick Christian's work and can say it is one of the best perspectives I have read lately on tribal engagements. Patrick's work is brilliant and provides a unique look into the complex, challenging, and complicated world of tribal dynamics. He provides tremendous insight into a world that most simply cannot comprehe

About the Author

Patrick James Christian is an Army Special Forces officer specializing in intra-state irregular warfare such as counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare. He has conducted combat advising and tribal engagement missions in Ecuador, Colombia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Iraq. He established the first Joint Special Operations Forces Training Branch at Fort Irwin’s National Training Center, and built Tribal Engagement training venues for Naval Special Warfare Squadrons, US Army Special Forces Command Battalions and Marine Special Operations Advisory Groups. He is currently assigned to the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and is a doctoral student at George Mason University’s Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution. His academic credentials include a BA in International Relations and Pre-Law from the University of South Florida, and an MA in Organizational and Cross Cultural Leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. His previous publications include "Brokering the Peace in Sudan: Speci