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What Every Mom Needs to Know about Military School!

by Charles W. Stewart

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 1998
Pages: 107
ISBN-10: 1581128703
ISBN-13: 9781581128703
Categories: EducationEducation


Parents often are frustrated in the rearing of their children. This text discusses what parents can expect from military schools. A portion of the text deals with the evaluation of a youngster's suitability for military school. Also, what result parents can expect from a highly structured educational environment and what changes it should produce in their youngster is outlined.

A portion of the text deals with self-evaluation. Part of the text contains 100 questions that every parent should ask before leaving their youngster at any private school, but especially military school.

The costs involved are discussed frankly and the organizational structure of most schools is explained. Academic benchmarks are explained. Academic bench marks and progress contains much of the motivation for sending a youngster to any private school. How to work the system and get the most for your youngster is explained in detail. Military schools are in the business of producing outstanding scholars who are patriotic, honest, have good character and integrity. If you want to have a good understanding of how to improve your youngster's chance for a successful future and life, read on!