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Life and Lightning

The Good Things of Lightning

by Vernon L. Mangold

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 1999
Pages: 100
ISBN-10: 1581127960
ISBN-13: 9781581127966
Categories: Earth & Environmental SciencePhysics & ChemistryPhysics & Chemistry


This book is written to address those features of lightning that are beneficial to mankind. The technical level of the subject matter covered in this book is designed to be readily understandable by the general public. The general emphasis is on the positive aspects of lightning. Man can neither control nor regulate this natural force of nature but must resign himself to the task of learning to live with and understand this phenomena.

Lightning was part of the earth's environmental makeup before life appeared on earth. Lightning played an important role in creating life on earth. This same force has assisted in sustaining a livable earth and continues to balance those forces of nature to assure that life continues on this earth. It is the purpose of this book to attempt to help one understand the importance of this great force as it was in the beginning of life, its role in neutering life, and its ability to help sustain life on the earth.

About the Author

  • Started the US Air Force's Lightning research program at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio in the early 1970's.
  • Was in charge of the lightning safety and test programs on many US Air Force systems which included the F-16 Fighter Aircraft.
  • Conducted the first Laser induced cloud to ground lightning stroke initiation testing.
  • Developed a test bed that flew on the Hurricane Hunter Aircraft to measure the lightning and the thunderstorm environments associated with Hurricanes.
  • Conducted full scale lightning testing on Aircraft Composite structures.
  • Was the government's representative and test coordinator on the development of the largest Tesla Coil ever developed, located at Wendover Air Force Base, Nevada for conducting simulated lightning testing and the development of lightning test and simulation technologies.