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Layman's Primer on Stock Investment

by Hassan Shamsy

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2000
Pages: 380
ISBN-10: 1581126972
ISBN-13: 9781581126976
Categories: Business & EconomicsBusiness & Economics


The book provides a concise, step-by-step easy guide to new individual investors on stock investment. Basic information is discussed followed by the more complex issues of stock fundamentals and fundamental analysis using three different approaches. Technical analysis is presented applying major indicators. The reader will then be familiarised with risk factors, legal and ethical aspects of stock investment and a review of the economic and major market indices.

Potential investment strategies, including stock options, are presented with risk reward analysis. Market structure is outlined and hidden facts about market psychology and how it works are revealed. Everything is then put together in five modules under a master plan. Three very useful annexes are also added.

It is difficult to find a book with so much useful information and so many tables and charts of real-life cases that will bring the reader close to a true stock investment environment.