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Create Web Content that Sells!

Wow your market with writing strategies, search engine hints, and graphic tips that work

by Renee Kennedy

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2002
Pages: 158
ISBN-10: 1581126263
ISBN-13: 9781581126266
Categories: Computers & ElectronicsComputers & Electronics


Are you ready to build an effective Web site that sells? One that brings in serious prospects? Then Create Web Content That Sells! is for you. It's a tutorial about writing effectively for Web visitors, creating a useable site structure, getting a marketing mind-set, and choosing practical graphics for your Web site.

Whether your site sells wrenches to left-handed mechanics, offers landscaping services, or strives to cultivate loyalty in the hearts of your existing customers, the basic tenet of great Web content is universal: speak to your audience. And Create Web Content That Sells! shows you how to get down and dirty, one-to-one, with your audience, through writing, structure, and graphics.

Small business people need every edge they can get, so we designed our marketing section to fit this need. Plus, anyone involved in content development will find the writing section extremely valuable.

You've found the ideal book if you want a site that will:
1. Sell products.
2. Sell services.
3. Brand your product or business.
4. Improve your image.
5. Make every point clear and concise.
6. Publish your writing or art work.

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