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A Mother's Saga

An Account of the Rebel War in Sierra Leone

by Karamoh Kabba

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Publisher: Universal-Publishers
Pub date: 2002
Pages: 140
ISBN-10: 1581126085
ISBN-13: 9781581126082
Categories: History & BiographyHistory & Biography


In March 1991, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels waged a ruthless war on Sierra Leone, which was to last for a decade characterized by the worst forms of crimes against humanity.

A single mother took a dreadful journey in a heroic effort to protect her terrified family from the trigger-happy and machete-swinging rebels across bloodbath diamond fields, intolerable savanna-grasslands, iniquitous rain forests and a petrified city in Sierra Leone. She spent days and nights in these treacherous savanna-grasslands and jungle-forests--walked hundreds of miles, narrowly dodged rebel advances, survived on wild fruits, traveled in cargo trucks and over-capacitated boats. At the climax, she woke-up one night under rebel AK-47 assault rifles and watched helplessly rebels abducted her children in this line-for-line titillating narrative.

But she overcome the odds, made it to the United States and recounted her sufferings that is independent of politics and the mass media during this miserable decade in the history of Sierra Leone.

About the Author

Karamoh Kabba was born in Sierra Leone in 1965 to Alhaji Kemoh Kabba and Madam Issata Kabba. He was raised in a big metropolitan diamond mining town of Sefadu, Kono District.

He attended the Kono District Education Council (K.D.E.C.) primary school in Koidu Town and Government Secondary School for Boys (Boys School), Magburaka, in the Tonkolili District.

His diplomas include the GCE Ordinary and Advance Levels. In 1991, he traveled to the United States where he took some courses at Montgomery College.

He is a founding member of Sierra Leone Youth Lending Hand, Inc. (SLYLH), a nonprofit tax-exempt organization devoted to assisting the youth of Sierra Leone educationally and medically. He is also the President & CEO.

Karamoh’s enormous passion for reading and writing is clearly manifested in this book, ‘A Mother’s Saga’, published to raise funds for war victims.