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December 2022

DEC 23
Internet technology connects different devices through the wide area network of computer network. It not only speeds up ...


May 2023

MAY 27
11th International Conference of Advanced Computer Science & Information Technology (ACSIT 2023) May 27 ~ 28, 2023, V...



by Sheree Turner Culpepper


This study examined factors and perceptions that influenced the implementation of computer technology in fourth and fifth grade classrooms. Change theory provided a framework for examining the differences exhibited between teachers who were identified as high-end users, midlevel users, and low-end users of technology. Computer usage of 20 teachers was identified based on their responses to a questionnaire and interviews. The low-end users' pedagogical styles were reflective of teacher-centered instructional methodologies, while high-end and midlevel users' pedagogical styles were student-centered. Pedagogical styles influenced the level of implementation in the classroom. Low-end users complained more about the working ability of the computers than other users. Since the computers were...

Medical Informatics Around The World

An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues

by Andrew Steele


In the last ten years there has been an explosion in the use of computer technology in many facets of our lives. Many industries such as finance, manufacturing, and retail have embraced modern technological advances through the use of advanced computer and telecommunication technology. Unfortunately, the international health care community has been quite slow to effectively integrate new computer technology into the daily care of patients. Nevertheless, governments across the world are developing strategic plans and allocating financial resources to support the use of technology in healthcare. Medical Informatics Around The World: An International Perspective Focusing On Training Issues provides a global snapshot into such activities in 13 different countries (Australia, China, Hong Ko...