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Nueva Estación Médica de Electrocardiografía con Servicios de Información Secundarios

by Jose Rafael Magdalena Benedito


This thesis describes a telemedicine approach to a computer-aided healthcare system. NEMESIS is the Spanish acronym of New Electrocardiographic Medical Station with Information Systems. The application is a comprehensive tool set, structured around a main navigation bar, which leads to every sub-application. Those sub-applications are window based, user-friendly tools, comprising specific health tools for physicians, telemedicine/telematics tools and general-purpose tools. The whole application is built in a highly structured and modular way, which allows adding or excluding modules quickly. Portability is guaranteed and achieved by Java programming language, bringing independent platform software. All modules comply with international standards; namely, medical module...

Pearls for Primary Care

Integrating Biochemistry, Physiology, and Clinical Skills To Optimize Outpatient Medicine

by Michael B. Jacobs, MD, PhD


Pearls for Primary Care is unique, integrating pertinent basic science information with clinical medicine. The resource bridges the information gap and provides insights for providers and students. Additionally, there are succinct yet comprehensive presentations on managing the more common outpatient problems. This book is for primary care providers and students, e.g., physicians, APRNs, and PAs who desire to improve their patient-education, diagnostic, and treatment skills. Part One provides the biochemistry and physiology precepts to incorporate in understanding of the basics of diseases and treatments. There are chapters on basic biochemistry, fluid and sodium control, acid-base balance, bone marrow, vitamins, autonomic nervous system and control of vital signs, genomics, immunology, ...