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June 2021

JUN 19
5th International Conference on Recent advances in Physics (PHY 2021) June 19 ~ 20, 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark https://...


December 2021

DEC 24
The 4th Int'l Symposium on Quantum Computation and Communication (SQCC_D 2021) Conference Date: December 24-26, 2021 ...



by Ioan Burda


Introduction to Quantum Computation is an introduction to a new rapidly developing theory of quantum computing. The book is a comprehensive introduction to the main ideas and techniques of quantum computation. It begins with the basics of classical theory of computation: NP-complete problems, Boolean circuits, Finite state machine, Turing machine and the idea of complexity of an algorithm. The general quantum formalism (pure states, qubit, superposition, evolution of quantum system, entanglement, multi-qubit system ...) and complex algorithm examples are also presented. Matlab is a well known in engineer academia as matrix computing environment, which makes it well suited for simulating quantum algorithms. The (Quantum Computer Toolbox) QCT is written entirely in the Matlab and m-files ar...