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by Tania Dey (editor)


Nanotechnology is a highly inter- and multi- disciplinary application oriented research area. Not only does it find its use in nanomedicine, solar cells, sensor development and so on, but can also be effectively utilized to prevent water pollution. Nanostructured materials such as magnetic nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, silver-impregnated cyclodextrin nanocomposites, nanostructured iron-zeolites, carbo-iron nanomaterials, photocatalytic titania nanoparticles, nanofiltration membranes and functionalized silica nanoparticles can be employed in water treatment to remove heavy metals, sediments, chemical effluents, charged particles, bacteria and other pathogens. This edited book comprises several review-style chapters written by world experts. The chapters are devoted to each of these nanot...

Between Technology and Science: Exploring an Emerging Field

Knowledge Flows and Networking on the Nano-scale

by Martin S. Meyer


This dissertation addresses emerging developer communities in a new field of science and technology as well as methods to capture exchange processes between them. It contributes to the discussion about a new mode of knowledge production and a changing division of labour between public research, industry, and government by investigating 'nanotechnology' – an emerging area between science and technology. To explore exchange processes in this field, the study applies various methods. In particular, it uses patent citation analysis. The methodological contribution is a new interpretation of this indicator, which sees patent citations as information flows that point to reciprocal exchange processes and potential overlaps between science and technology. This is in contrast to the ...

by Charles Tandy


Dr. Tandy and nine additional contributors introduce the reader to the world of the twentyfirst century and beyond. Topics include: • Dietary Supplements And Your Health • Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, And Health Extension • Transhumanism, Transmortality, And The Singularity • O'Neill Space Settlements • Futurists As Wishful Dreamers • Cryonic Hibernation And Personal Identity • The Scientific Quest For A Universal Resurrection Of All Dead Persons • Books Related To Life Extension And Transhumanity • Websites Related To Life Extension And Transhumanity • World War 3, The September 2001 Terrorist Attacks, And Our Responsibilities To Transhumanity Contributors include: Charles Tandy, Ph.D., Nick Bostrom, Ph.D., William Faloon, Robert A. Freitas Jr., Robin H...