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Work and Labor in World Languages, Literatures, and Film

Selected Proceedings of the 24th Southeast Conference on Languages, Literatures, and Film

by Will Lehman, Margit Grieb, and Yves-Antoine Clemmen (editors)


The essays in this anthology represent a cross-section of current scholarship examining the complex interplay between work, in its broadest theoretical conceptualization, and the world cultures in and through which this labor is performed. Although aimed primarily at an academic audience, the included essays, written in English, Spanish, and French, are also accessible to the curious layperson interested in looking at literature, theater, cinema, and philosophy through the lens of world languages and cultures. For more than thirty years, the Southeast Conference for Languages, Literatures and Film (SCFLLF) has been a premier platform for the discussion and dissemination of the latest scholarship in the Humanities, with emphasis on non-English area studies. The current volume showcases some...

Cultural Perspectives on Film, Literature, and Language

Selected Proceedings of the 19th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film

by Will Lehman & Margit Grieb (editors)


This volume includes selected papers from the 19th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film, held on February 26-27, 2010, at the University of South Florida in Tampa. It represents a cross-section of the latest trends in Hispanic, French, German, Italian, and Greek studies.

Working the Affect Shift

Latina Service Workers in U.S. Film

by Steve Nava


Working the Affect Shift explores the changing U.S. racial and political economic context of Latina working-class film and media images, and how Ethnic, Cultural, Film, and Feminist Studies have contributed to sociologically understanding them. We can rethink our orientation to so-called “stereotypes” by focusing on our forward-looking, positive neoliberal ideology as related to our "national forgetting of collective racial injury." Each film and media image analyzed herein offers an example of how the fraught relational matrices of race, class, gender, and sexual identities continue to shape national politics despite our national commitment (on the political Right and Left) to "multiculturalism." Using Latina service workers as examples, this volume offers ways to think productive...

Contemporary Approaches to World Languages and Cultures

Selected Proceedings of the 21st Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film

by Margit Grieb, Will Lehman, and Yves-Antoine Clemmen (editors)


The biennial Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film (SCFLLF), supported by a generous grant from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of South Florida and the administrative support of the USF Department of World Languages, convened for the 21st time on February 21-22, 2014. The conference, which has been held in various locations throughout Florida since 1983, featured 60 speakers from the US and abroad who shared their research on various topics related to literature, film, culture, language learning, and linguistics. The conference did not feature a specific theme in order to encourage the sharing of a wide array of topics, interests, investigations, and formats that stimulate productive conversations and discussions among divergent fields, langua...

Current Trends in Language and Culture Studies

Selected Proceedings of the 20th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film

by Yves-Antoine Clemmen, Margit Grieb, & Will Lehman (editors)


This volume includes selected papers from the 20th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures and Film, held on March 2-3, 2012 at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. It represents a cross section of current approaches to questions of violence and trauma; identity subjectivity and the national; race and gender; and teaching in foreign languages, literatures and film.

by Joseph Greco


Robert Siodmak, who is considered the master of film noir thrillers and crime melodramas, has long been seen as a mere "assignment director," never an artist in complete control of his work. J. Greco's study of Siodmak's Hollywood career dispels this view and presents a unique perspective on the studio system and the director who used cunning to get his own way within it. He incorporates both archival evidence and stylistic analysis to show a distinct correlation between the production histories of Siodmak's studio films and the director's central artistic purpose. Shedding new light on the career of this important film maker, this book is worthwhile reading for the film scholar, the lover of film noir, and the fan of Siodmak's work.

A Gaffer's Perspective on Independent Filmmaking

Practices, Techniques, and Tricks of the Trade Revealed

by Rick M. Lord


In today's digital age, thousands and thousands of independent filmmakers are challenging Hollywood's elite, best-of-the-best film producers. A Gaffer's Perspective on Independent Filmmaking examines why so many first-time independent film productions are doomed to failure before the first day of principal photography ever begins. Learning what dooms a production is only half of the process; teaching successful practices and techniques, while revealing many of the tricks of the trade used by the big productions, is the other half. With examples of actual productions gone awry, combined with "should haves," this book is a "must have" for a successful filmmaking experience.

In Between

Cultures and Languages in Transition

by Margit Grieb, Yves-Antoine Clemmen, and Will Lehman


The essays in this anthology probe and comment on the "space/time/issue between" in aesthetic or linguistic productions in a variety of cultures. For over three decades the Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film (SCFLLF), which convenes biennially, has been and continues to be a showcase for scholarship in the Humanities with a special emphasis on non-English language area studies. In 2018, at the 23rd SCFLLF, fifty-three national and international scholars presented their research on linguistics, literature, film, culture, and language pedagogy. The essays we selected to showcase all probe and comment on the “space/time/issue between” in aesthetic or linguistic productions in a variety of cultures. We have organized these contributions in three parts entitled...

by Christine M. Gibson


Has 20th century literary technique been influenced by the cinema? The obvious answer is yes. But with that answer few specific examples are ever provided, frustrating the reader and filmgoer alike. This study does give specifics drawn from the novels, short stories and screenplays of Argentine writer Beatriz Guido (1925-1988), wife of noted film director Leopoldo Torre Nilsson. Cinematic narrative techniques and literary narrative techniques share features in common, a mutual influence, but also important differences. Here these are examined in detail. Students and fans of film and Latin American literature will be intrigued.

by Andrew Ashenden


This book, the first in a series, is an introduction to the basics of stage combat in the area of unarmed combat. It holds enough information to give students an understanding of the subject, as well as how to perform some of the more simple "tricks of the trade." The importance of the safety involved in performing stage combat is also discussed. Book two, Basics of Stage Combat: Single Sword, instructs the reader about the foundations of safe, skillful single sword use in theater, film, and television. Actors both wishing to refresh their old skills and those new to stage combat will learn how to parry with a sword, move with a sword, and perfect the various movements required of them to perform a safe and realistic stage combat scene. Basics of Stage Combat: Single Sword will also he...

A Thematic Approach to French Cultural Studies

Love, Sex and Desire in French Literature and Cinema

by Marie-Anne Visoi


A Thematic Approach to French Cultural Studies: Love, Sex and Desire in French Literature and Cinema introduces a selection of major literary texts and film adaptations to students at the intermediate college and university level. The goal of this book is to provide a theme-based approach for teaching French Cultural Studies by enabling undergraduate students to contextualise and to think conceptually about French culture and its place in the Western culture and tradition. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this book is that it includes a collection of effective hands-on activities, multimedia resources and teaching suggestions which will stimulate students to develop their cultural and literary competency. The text-based method is designed to encourage close reading of three representa...

FACS - Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies

Performing Culture - Volume 8, 2005-2006

by Ilaria Serra, Marcella Munson, eds.


IN THIS ISSUE: Foreword ILARIA SERRA and MARCELLA MUNSON An Interview with Filmmaker Nancy Savoca ILARIA SERRA Creating Difference: Language Use in Interracial Cop Movies ARYN BARTLEY Here’s to Plain Speaking: The Condition(s) of Knowing and Being in Film Noir JOANNE TAYLOR Performance and the Power of Redefinition in The Vagina Monologues MICHAEL MODARELLI Performing Gertrude Stein: Faith Ringgold’s Signification on Primitivism in The French Collection LESLIE ATKINS DURHAM The editors of the Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies literary journal invite submissions on any topic for upcoming issues. FACS is an interdisciplinary journal providing a forum for comparative study in the arts, humanities, language, culture and social sciences. Past topics have inclu...

by Prosper Avril


In broad 21st century, without cause nor reason, a peaceful and honest citizen, Prosper Avril, a former president of Haiti, was imprisoned during 1011 days in a lugubrious cell by the only will of one man, an other president of this country: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Prosper Avril is the author of "Le Livre Noir de l’Insécurité" already presented in English language under the title "The Black Book on Insecurity", a book that had created the event in Haiti in the year 2001 when President Aristide made him arrested while he was signing his work to the public. His fight to recover his freedom is the source of his new work: "La Justice face au Pouvoir Politique en Haiti (2001 - 2004)" published after his release from prison. This book is offered now in its English version : "Justice versus P...

by Mengyang Cui


In this paper, I aimed to explore deeply the Hong Kong ‘1997 handover’ theme films by comparison and summary in order to discover the history and cultural meaning of this incident from a human perspective. 1997 is a turning point for Hong Kong people, society and the film industry. The city confronted a historical turning point under an experimental ‘one country, two systems’ convention without precedent in history. This led many Hong Kong people to lose confidence about their future. In addition, this historical incident brought a series of social issues to Hong Kong people, such as confusion about their identity and uncertainty about the future. Therefore I chose four films from two directors with different viewpoints reveal Hong Kong society and people’s life and spirit. Thos...

Basics of Stage Combat

Single Sword

by Andrew Ashenden


The single sword is the most-used weapon on both stage and screen. The techniques used in single sword stage combat are derived from real combative methods used historically, and modified for acting. Basics of Stage Combat: Single Sword, the second in a series, instructs the reader about the foundations of safe, skillful single sword use in theater, film, and television. Actors both wishing to refresh their old skills and those new to stage combat will learn how to parry with a sword, move with a sword, and perfect the various movements required of them to perform a safe and realistic stage combat scene. Basics of Stage Combat: Single Sword will also help drama students who are taking stage combat classes or stage combat exams gain the confidence to embrace the complexities of working wit...

Engaging Terror

A Critical and Interdisciplinary Approach

by M. Vardalos, G.K. Letts, H.M. Teixeira, A. Karzai, J. Haig (editors)


Engaging Terror: A Critical and Interdisciplinary Approach is a collection of select extended papers drawn from The Human Condition Series (THCS) conference on Terror that took place in May, 2008. The international scope of the conference drew participants from twenty-three countries including Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, France, Israel, Lebanon, Lithuania, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. The thirty-five essays presented here are a representative sample of the interdisciplinary discussion which sought to analyze popular concepts like 'terrorism' and 'terrorist' as social, political, and psychosocial phenomena. Engaging Terror seeks to reveal the diverse forms of terror that persist in contemporary societie...

by Denise Ingebo-Barth


The Conscious Stream describes a theory built on the idea that consciousness--a stream of separate conscious instants, like frames making up a reel of film--is formed as trajectories circulate around the nervous system circuitry. In this model, a trajectory is a series of neuron groups energized in turn. (Picture it as a sequence of lights flashing around a marquee or perhaps as a comet blazing through a linked series of packed neuron groups--through circuits of the nervous system.) When a trajectory passes through the thalamus--a central area of the brain--an instant of experience is inserted into our lifelong conscious stream. This instant of experience can be a sensation, thought, or feeling. The particular instant depends on the source of the trajectory. When a trajectory is initiated ...

Acting in On-Camera Commercials

Student Workbook and Instruction Guide

by Ruthe Geier-Price with Michael Jay Geier


Performing on TV commercials is bread and butter for actors. It not only helps them pay the rent while striving for recognition, frequently it enables them to break into film, television and theater. Plus, acting in commercials can be a rewarding and lucrative career in itself. This comprehensive workbook provides step-by-step training, along with commercial copy and other materials available below. Acting in On-Camera Commercials covers every aspect of the field of performing inTV commercials. It is a reference book that will serve the actor throughout all the years of his or her career. Click here for Supplemental Material Click here for Accompanying Audio Files Click here for Instructors' Video Guide PRAISE FOR THE PREVIOUS EDITION “The book is filled ...


A Potential Drug to Treat Biofilm Infections of Medical Devices Produced by Staphylococcus Epidermidis and Proteus Mirabilis

by Jithendra Gunawardana


Staphylococcus epidermidis is the leading cause of hospital-acquired infections associated with implanted medical devices. Likewise, Proteus mirabilis is one of the leading causes of nosocomial Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and is associated with urinary catheter blockage. Both organisms produce biofilms, which make them less susceptible to antibiotics. Therefore, these infections are often notoriously difficult to treat and in many cases lead to complications. Preventing biofilm formation or killing a pre-existing biofilm would be useful solutions since biofilm formation is a phenomenon commonly observed in these organsims. This study investigated the in vitro efficacy of Bismuth-ethanedithiol (BisEDT) against biofilms produced by P. mirabilis and S. epidermidis. Anti-biofilm activit...

by Estanislao Arana


This thesis is dedicated to assess the accuracy of logistic regression (LR) and artificial neural networks (ANN) in the diagnosis of calvarial lesions using computed tomography (CT). The importance of the different features needed for the diagnosis in both models is also analyzed. The models were developed using patients with calvarial lesions as the only known disease were enrolled. All patients were studied with plain films and CT. Other imaging thecniques were used when available. The clinical and CT data were used for developing LR and ANN models. Both models were tested with the jacknife (leave-one-out) method. The best ANNs were obtained varying iterations and hidden neurons by selecting the one with higher area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC). The fi...

by Kurt A. Richardson


The phenomena of superconductivity has enormous industrial potential, but the penetration of superconductor-based products has, thus far, been slow. An indisputable fact is that there are prizes, and profits, for the teams that solve the critical problems in understanding and processing these complex materials. The continuous processing of superconducting tapes and wires is a necessary stage that will open up the industrial market to the designers of a diverse range of time and energy saving devices, particularly in ultra-fast computing and lossless power transmission. The aim of the research reported herein was to investigate the fabrication of superconducting tapes and films via two different processes, namely: the established PIT technique, and a less well known electrochemical route...

by A. Mendez-Vilas (editor)


Multidisciplinary Approaches for Studying and Combating Microbial Pathogens offers the opportunity to learn about recent findings in the fight against microbial pathogens. This book contains a compilation of papers presented at the III International Conference on Antimicrobial Research (ICAR2014), held in Madrid, Spain, in October 2014. The papers are written by researchers from around the world and focus on several themes: antimicrobial natural products, biofilms, antimicrobial surfaces, antimicrobial resistance, clinical and medical microbiology. Readers will hopefully find this set of papers interesting and representative of the worldwide current knowledge on antimicrobial research.

Life, Myth, and the American Family Unreeling

The Spiritual Significance of Movies for the 20th Century

by Jeffry John Stein


This book is about what movies do for us. It is about how movies exhibit the contradictions, truths, and fantasies surrounding our bedrock American beliefs in things held sacred, including, in this case, our creed of family. It is about why we again and again attend the dark universal tabernacles in which these sermons are offered. The depth of analysis offered here will also bring new insights to those concerned with parenting issues, self understanding, and media consciousness — all increasingly relevant areas of concern in contemporary life. And, for those interested in telling stories that will truly “move” the rest of us, this book will serve as a secret doorway to the inner sanctum of human characters responding to the places and times of their lives. Finally, this book will ...

Life or movie: Which comes first?

An aspiring screenwriter's discovery of...

by Mickael L. Rozwarski


Life or movie: Which comes first? is a glimpse into an aspiring screenwriter's mind as he tries to figure out the inner workings of high concept movies. The author begins with the premise that there are very easy rules that govern storytelling, rules which are universal and tolerate no exceptions, discarding traditional perspectives of movie analysis one after the other (including Field, Campbell, Jung, Freud), all of which prove to be unfaithful to observable facts. He proposes a new paradigm for storytelling: fiction is like magic; you cannot explain it or it will break the spell, ruin the magic. But when you think about it, there are no two rational ways of making a rabbit appear from a hat."Life or movie: which comes first? provides a recipe that will enable future screenwriters to wr...

The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai

Chinese and Western Culture Differences in Narrative Cinemas

by Mengyang Cui


Wong Kar wai is one of the most famous Chinese directors in modern filmdom. The cinema of Wong Kar wai is important 20th century cinema in 90’s Hong Kong society, which was in a post-industrial and post-colonial situation. In this paper, I have chosen four of Wong’s films: As Tears Go By (1988), Happy Together (1997), In The Mood For Love (2000) and compared them respectively with American and British films Mean Streets (1973), Brokeback Mountain (2005), and Brief Encounter (1945) with similar themes. These comparisons will be used in order to explore the spiritual tendency of Wong’s cinema, and to discover its meanings within the context of Chinese culture. In addition, the aim will be to demonstrate the methods of imitation, reproduction and the mixing up of genres that are Wong Ka...

Sanjuro, Jidaigeki's New Hero

His Goals, His Ordeals and His Salvation

by Alireza Vahdani


Since the 1960s, a new subgenre (cruel-Jidaigeki) has been introduced to Japanese period films, with its own rules. This subgenre requires a new hero. During this research, I found out that Sanjuro, the first recognised hero of this genre, who appears in Yojimbo for the first time and stands as the model for the other cruel-period films, is indeed a complicated man. Firstly, he is after money. The idea is that because he exemplifies the modern Japanese man who is trapped in a new money-oriented society, he needs to represent the financial difficulties of common men. Secondly, in the course of the narrative in Yojimbo and then Sanjuro, he learns to control his personal conflicts and desires. As a result, he evolves from being his own hero and becomes a hero of the people. Thus, he can be a ...

A Study of Japanese Animation as Translation

A Descriptive Analysis of Hayao Miyazaki and Other Anime Dubbed into English

by Reito Adachi


Despite the growing popularity and influence of Japanese animation in America and other parts of the world, the importance of anime studies as audio-visual translation has not been well-recognized academically. In order to throw new light on this problem, the author attempts to clarify distinctive characteristics of English dubs of Japanese animated films between the 1980s and the 2000s, including Hayao Miyazaki's, in descriptive ways: through a corpus-based statistical analysis of vocabulary and a qualitative case study approach to the multimodal text from a synchronic and diachronic point of view. Discussing how translation norms have changed on the spectrum from target-oriented to source-oriented, the author carefully examines what kind of shift occurred to translations of Japanese ...

Essays in World Languages and Cultures

Stereotypes and the Challenges of Representation

by Yves-Antoine Clemmen, Margit Grieb, and Will Lehman (eds.)


This volume consists of 16 papers selected from the 22nd Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures and Films held on February 25-27, 2016 on the campus of Stetson University in Celebration, Florida. The shared focus of the essays is to examine how writers, filmmakers and language educators address stereotypes in their representations of diverse cultural paradigms by using, deconstructing or displacing these stereotypes. The fourth section of this publication includes 4 experimental poems by the artist Susanne Eules.

Exploring Microorganisms

Recent Advances in Applied Microbiology

by Antonio Mendez-Vilas (ed.)


Exploring Microorganisms: Recent Advances in Applied Microbiology, contains a selection of papers presented at the VII International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology - BioMicroWorld2017 (Madrid, Spain). This book offers the outcomes of completed and outgoing research works and experiences of several microbiology research groups across the world. The volume is divided into the following sections:* Agriculture, Soil, Forest Microbiology* Environmental, Marine, Aquatic Microbiology. Geomicrobiology* BBB - Biodeterioration, Biodegratation, Bioremediation* Microbiology of Food and Animal Feed* Industrial Microbiology* Microbial Production of High-Value Products: Drugs, Chemicals, Fuels, Electricity ...* Biotechnologically Relevant Enzymes and Proteins* Medical,...