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2-day In-person Seminar on Aerospace Program Management at Los Angeles, CA

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  22 Oct through 23 Oct 2015


  los angeles, United States

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Sponsoring organization:

  NetZealous LLC - GlobalCompliancePanel


  Medicine & Health - Pharmaceutical / Medicinal


Event description:

Overview: By attending this seminar, you will be able to: • Communicate more effectively in all media - verbal, written, and electronic modes • Refine interpersonal skills as they relate to dealing with diverse personal perspectives, attitudes, and motivational techniques • Develop and utilize task schedules • Demonstrate effective management of all resources (people, tools, and budgets) • Apply techniques for scoping programs/projects (resource needs, schedules, level of tasking, etc.) and effectively monitor and measure progress • Identify critical milestone events and how to develop alternate schedule recovery plans • Utilize basic project management tools and techniques more effectively Why you should attend: Effective and efficient management of today's complex and integrated programs requires both the refinement of interpersonal and basic leadership skills as well as the application of appropriate technologies and tools. This seminar is intended to introduce ... Read more

Posting date:

10 September 2015  |  178 views


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