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Seminar on The 3 C's of Audit Report Writing at Washington, DC

THE 3 C'S OF A  
 Conference CFP


  01 Oct through 02 Oct 2015


  Washington, United States

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Sponsoring organization:

  NetZealous LLC - GlobalCompliancePanel


  Education / Legal / Other - Education


Event description:

Overview: This 2-day session will appeal to beginners and experienced professionals who want to formulate great audit reports as well as executives and investors who need to unlock the valuable secrets of a key audit report. From understanding the preliminary steps, through the necessary interviews and information gathering stages, to actually writing the audit report that uses the 3 c's (context, clarity, customization, you will be given a formula to follow that delivers predictable and valuable results. You will also be given practical examples and an opportunity to practice your new skills. Why you should attend: Learning to write a clear, concise audit report that delivers the right message is an acquired skill. Wish you had a simple formula to follow? Looking for a process that provides predictable results? Whether you are just getting into audit report writing, have extensive experience, or simply want to be able to decipher audit reports, you will want to attend this e... Read more

Posting date:

10 September 2015  |  142 views


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