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Proximity Marketing Blueprint, Thailand

PMB BKK 2015  
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  20 May through 22 May 2015


  Bangkok , Thailand

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  Business - Information-Technology


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The 3 Day immersive event to enable you to capitalize on the mobile commerce revolution The Proximity Marketing Blueprint is a 3 day mobile wallet conference that provides marketers, agencies, and other businesses with the capability and confidence to enable mobile wallet campaigns for their clients. By attending this Proximity Marketing Blueprint you will access the distillation of 2 years, US$2 million of worth of people's efforts in 3 DAYS. Be a part of the mobile wallet movement and become a leader in this space - secure your tickets today! What do you get? Access to mobile wallet gurus and industry professionals over the course of the three days. An all-in-one event where you will gain knowledge of industry best practises, strategy, training and mentoring on how to intergrate and implement mobile wallet campaigns in a matter of days not weeks. The oppourtunity to network and build relationships with other business leaders. The chance to experience beautiful Ba... Read more

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28 April 2015  |  158 views


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