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SPAWC 2015 : 16th IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications

 Conference CFP


  27 Jun through 01 Jul 2015

CFP Deadline:

  02 Mar 2015


  Stockholm, Sweden

Website URL:



  Engineering & Technology - Electrical/ Electronic


Event description:

Prospective authors are invited to by the deadline listed above submit original papers in the following areas <br> <br> Smart antennas and MIMO systems, large scale MIMO <br> Single-carrier, multi-carrier, and multi-rate systems <br> Multiple-access and broadcast channels, multi-user receivers <br> Signal processing for ad-hoc, multi-hop, and sensor networks <br> Cooperative communication, coordinated multipoint transmission and reception <br> Distributed resource allocation and scheduling <br> Energy efficient, green, radios <br> Interference management, dynamic spectrum management <br> Heterogeneous networks, small cells <br> Millimeter wave, 60GHz communications <br> Modeling, estimation and equalization of wireless channels <br> Acquisition, synchronization, and tracking <br> Compensation of transceiver front end non-idealities <br> Full duplex systems <br> Physical layer security <br> Feedback in wireless networks <br> Cogniti... Read more

Posting date:

24 October 2014  |  183 views


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