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Basic, Easy-to-Follow Pivot Tables Including an Introduction to Dashboards

 Seminar/trade show (noCPF)


  05 Oct through 05 Oct 2021


  Online Event | United States

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  Compliance Online


  Medicine & Health - Pharmaceutical / Medicinal


Event description:

This Excel training program will guide users in employing Pivot Table filters to analyze data, designing a Pivot Chart from a Pivot Table, developing Slicers for User Interactive Filters, and more. It will also take attendees through the first steps in dashboard design using Pivot Tables. Why Should You Attend: In this webinar, attendees will discover the convenience of using the features within Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Pivot Slicers effectively. Learn to use this versatile Excel tool easily and manage data more effectively and discover how to use Excel Pivot Table with this easy-to-follow Excel webinar. Learning Objectives: Understand the relationship between data field headers and the Pivot Table pane Transform data into a Pivot Table Instantly transform (Pivot) rows and columns Use Pivot Table filters to analyze your data Design a Pivot Chart from your Pivot Table Develop Slicers for User Interactive Filters Understand the first steps of dashboard de... Read more

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27 September 2021  |  140 views


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