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Essentials Of USP Microbiology - Reading Between the Lines of the USP General and Information Microbiology Chapters

 Seminar/trade show (noCPF)


  07 Oct through 08 Oct 2021


  Online Event | United States

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Sponsoring organization:

  Compliance Online


  Medicine & Health - Pharmaceutical / Medicinal


Event description:

The objective of this on-line, interactive two day "Essentials of USP Microbiology" seminar is to explore USP General and General Information Chapters to learn their current and updated status and to confirm that those Chapters being utilized are used correctly. USP documents that will be reviewed include: USP<51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing USP<60> Microbiological Examination of Nonsterile Products Tests for Burkholderia cepacia Complex USP<62> Microbiological Examination of Nonsterile Products: Tests for Specified Microorganisms USP<71> Sterility Tests USP<85> Bacterial Endotoxins Test USP<1072> Disinfectants and Antiseptics USP<1111> Microbiological Examination of Nonsterile Products USP<1112> Application of Water Activity Determination to Nonsterile Pharmaceutical Products USP<1113> Microbial Characterization, Identification, and Strain Typing USP<1116> Microbiological Control and Monitoring of Aseptic Processing Environments USP<1227> Validation of Microbia... Read more

Posting date:

26 August 2021  |  136 views


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