11th World Congress on Mass Spectrometry and Analytical Techniques

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  20 Sep through 21 Sep 2021

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  15 Sep 2021


  Paris, France

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  conference series


  Physical Science & Math - Chemistry

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The Analytical Techniques Congress 2021 will provide attendees with the latest analytical updates, the latest advances in mass spectrometry and analytical techniques. This Mass Spectrometry Conference will help chemists, physicists, Spectroscopists and analytical professionals around the world to share their experiences and learn from best practices, strengthen mass spectrometry and analytical collaborative research, and connect with each other. Outstanding speakers, discussion of new technologies and modern analysis updates are unique attributes of this mass spectrometry conference. Dedicated discussions in chemistry, physics, space technology and biochemical will additionally help participants to improve their knowledge. By attending the Analytical Techniques Congress 2021, Webinar can get the insights of: The Conference gives an incredible chance to getting interfaced for future coordinated efforts where the vast majority can assist each other with uncovering thoughts and f... Read more

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14 May 2021  |  145 views


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