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Management's Responsibility in 2020 and Beyond: Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, Abuse and Bullying

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  11 Dec through 11 Dec 2019


  Online Event | United States

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  Business - Human-Resources


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Managers and supervisors have a huge role to play in the prevention of sexual harassment, dis-crimination, abuse, bullying, teasing, exploitation, and other inappropriate behaviors in the workplace and now the laws are also requiring the same. Our upcoming boot camp discusses the recent federal and state government regulations as well as the best practices to prevent such be-haviors at work. The boot camp covers the following key areas: • Discover the laws governing workplace protections from harassment, bullying and discrim-ination • Recognize the more subtle forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination (such as hos-tile work environment and third party harassment) and learn how to respond to them • Identify ways to investigate, sanction and offer remedies stopping all inappropriate beha-viors • Explore the many examples of behaviors that need to be analyzed and make your own de-cisions regarding them • Identify things such as adverse treatment and adverse impact LEARNIN... Read more

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06 December 2019  |  192 views


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