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Protecting Your Company’s and Your Clients’ Rights with Restrictive Covenants, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Competes, No-Solicitation and Confidentiality

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  17 Dec through 17 Dec 2019


  Online Event | United States

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  Training Doyens


  Business - Human-Resources


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OVERVIEW This webinar will introduce you to the procedures to protect confidential information, and through examples and recent case law explain how the clauses should be written, how they can best be enforced, and what are the legal pitfalls of misuse. Regarding the pitfalls of restrictive covenant agreement, consider the following: Can you go to jail for engaging in a casual conversation at a trade show? This may sound absurd. But suppose that conversation is with an acquaintance at a company that competes with you for HR talent? Over drinks the two of you agree not to poach one another’s key employees. You may have opened yourself up for criminal, as well as civil, liability under U.S. anti-trust laws. That’s precisely what the DOJ is threatening. Uncle Sam and many state governments are turning hostile toward non-compete restraints on employees and independent contractors. Confidentiality agreements in settlements of employee claims are under assault. And, worst of all, “no ... Read more

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25 November 2019  |  164 views


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