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My Science Message 2019

 Conference CFP


  04 Oct through 11 Nov 2019

CFP Deadline:

  03 Oct 2019


  Online Event |

Website URL:


Sponsoring organization:

  Marcharh Organization


  Life Sciences - Ecology


Event description:

My Science Message (MSM) gathers multidisciplinary scientist(s), scholars, editors, writers, advocates, and any scientific affiliations or associations with R&D and scientific educational activities for a: 1. collaborative scientific knowledge and research development activity from institutions to society in general. 2. solving the issue of peace development, not only for the sustainable planet directions and increasing pragmatic technology innovation at the stages of application and final use of technology to environmental conditions and communities. Tackling climate change issue for instance, is a multidisciplinary dialogue space, under the theme of "peaceful development for current needs of communities and using best resources efficiently". 3. My Science Message 2019 is an annual initiative, giving a rare opportunity to scholars and all generations of science advocates, to generate discussion and more insightful empirical evidence-based research to how creating a sust... Read more

Posting date:

31 December 2018  |  218 views


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