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Stem Cell Congress 2019

 Conference CFP


  14 Mar through 15 Mar 2019

CFP Deadline:

  14 Mar 2019


  Online Event | United Kingdom

Website URL:


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  Education / Legal / Other - Education


Event description:

We are well pleased to welcome you to our forthcoming 2nd World Congress on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine scheduled from March 14-15, 2019 at London, UK. We have planned an agenda in the form of discussions, panels and presentation on few topics which has very high impact on stem cell field. For your kind information, the Chair of the conference will be Dr Diana Anderson and the Opening Keynote will be Dr Khalid Shah followed by few Keynotes and series of Speakers. Highlights include: Treatments, Therapies, Transplantation, Personalized medicine, Bio Banking, Regenerative medicine, Novel Technologies and Applications, Challenges and Ethical issue and detailed in Stem Cell Congress 2019 "The live format of the conference will be accredited with CPD Credits". To Visit conference: http://stemcells.alliedacademies.com/europe Hope you will join hands with us to encourage the stem cell research despite of its controversy to have a better tomorrow. We look forward to receivin... Read more

Posting date:

26 November 2018  |  131 views


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