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International conference on Emerging Trends and Innovative Strategies in Social Media Marketing- Issues & Challenges

 Conference CFP


  11 Oct through 11 Oct 2017

CFP Deadline:

  05 Oct 2017


  coimbatore, India

Website URL:



  Business - Marketing/Social-Networking


Event description:

The aim of this International Conference is to create awareness among the public to know about the social media marketing in the global context and to know that how to market their products and services through social media in smart way and the issues and challenges faced by them. This conference helps the students to know how the social media and its application plays its role to market the goods at cheaper mode. Creativity in marketing is required in the current scenario. Technology up-gradation and marketing strategy plays a major role in the economy .New approaches and policies can be developed to improve the existing marketing system. This will bring a tremendous change in the field of marketing.

Posting date:

30 September 2017  |  161 views


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