Censorship, Politics and Oppression

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  11 Mar through 12 Mar 2017

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  15 Jan 2017


  Gdańsk, Poland

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  University of Gdańsk


  Arts & Humanities - Other


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Organizers: Professor Wojciech Owczarski – University of Gdańsk (Poland) Professor Paulo Endo – University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) Marta Maciejewska – University of Gdańsk (Poland) Co-organizer: InMind Support There are various kinds of censorship, but most often this term is connected with some kind of political tense and oppression. However, many important intellectual or artistic movements have developed under censorship in various countries over the years. So does censorship have a positive or negative influence on people’s work and creation? Do people become more creative or intellectually fertile when they are oppressed in some way? In recent years – as it is often said – democracy throughout the world has seemed to collapse, and various political forces (e.g. ISIS or pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine) have oppressed people. Those who have decided to comment on current political situations have been punished for their words (as the journalists of Charlie Hebdo), and t... Read more

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07 November 2016  |  191 views


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