Working on Texts

Reading Literature Critically

by Enrico Terrinoni
109 pages 2012
Understanding Rhetoric

A Guide to Critical Reading and Argumentation

by Eamon M. Cunningham
468 pages 2018
Transfer Pricing

A Diagrammatic and Case Study Introduction, with Special Reference to China

by Alan Paisey & Jian Li
150 pages 2012
The Zinc and Iodine Book

Building Fundamental Knowledge with Thematic Laboratory Activities for the Chemistry Educator

by Stephen DeMeo
266 pages 2019
The Leverage of National Board Candidacy by Jana Lynn Hunzicker
189 pages 2006
The Foundations of Real Analysis

A Fundamental Course with 347 Exercises and Detailed Solutions

by Richard Mikula
505 pages 2015
The Emperor Commodus

Gladiator, Hercules or a Tyrant?

by Geoff W. Adams
349 pages 2013
The Classroom Teacher as Art Coach by Eloiese Krabbenhoft
220 pages 2005
The Bases of Chemical Thermodynamics

Volume 1

by Pierre Infelta & Michael Graetzel
298 pages 2002
The Bases of Chemical Thermodynamics

Volume 2

by Michael Graetzel & Pierre Infelta
300 pages 2002
The 8051/8052 Microcontroller

Architecture, Assembly Language, and Hardware Interfacing

by Craig Steiner
346 pages 2005
Super Edge-Antimagic Graphs

A Wealth of Problems and Some Solutions

by Martin Baca and Mirka Miller
227 pages 2008
Seismic Methods and Applications

A Guide for the Detection of Geologic Structures, Earthquake Zones and Hazards, Resource Exploration, and Geotechnical Engineering

by Andreas Stark
591 pages 2008
Research, Teaching and Learning

Pedagogy and Practice in the Open and Distance Learning Paradigm

by Polly Kobeleva and Luke Strongman
188 pages 2012
Puzzle Pieces of the Past

Spanish Abbreviations 1500-1700

by A. Roberta Carlin
258 pages 2014
Problems in Organic Chemistry

A Self-Study Guide

by David Horn and Michael Strauss
210 pages 2013
Principles and Practice of Urology

A Comprehensive Text (Volume 2)

by Muhammad A. Salam
562 pages 2003
Principles and Practice of Urology

A Comprehensive Text (Volume 1)

by Muhammad A. Salam
562 pages 2003
Pathology of the Kidney in Dysproteinemia by Charles N. Gamble, MD
132 pages 2011