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March 2015

MAR 28
We invite you to join the Cognitive Neuroscience Society at our 22nd Annual Meeting. CNS 2015 will be held in San Franc...

San Francisco,
United States

May 2015

MAY 17
About the Conference In 2015 the JvR Africa Group is hosting a conference focusing on people development in Africa. We ...

Kruger National Park,
South Africa

July 2015

JUL 29
The International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society(ICEPS 2015) will be held in Okinawa, Japan during Ju...


August 2015

AUG 12
The Global Conference on Education and Psychology (GCEP 2015) is scheduled to take place in Beijing, China from August 1...


September 2015

2015 Annual International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society (AICEPS 2015) is an interdisciplinary internat...

Kuala Lumpur,

January 2016

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Education, Society and Psychology (APCESP 2016) will be held in Seoul , Korea during Jan...

Korea (South)

JAN 19
ICSPE is an interdisciplinary international conference for academics and independent scholars and researchers around the...


February 2016

This time ICEEPS 2016 is going to be held in Fukuoka, Japan during February 1st-3rd. We welcome academics, independent s...


The American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS) holds an annual conference that brings together schol...

Las Vegas, Nevada,
United States

2016 3rd International Conference on Education and Psychological Sciences (ICEPS 2016) Date: February 3-4, 2016 Venue...


FEB 22
Global perspectives shall complement discussions regarding the generation, promotion and implementation of evidence-base...


March 2016

MAR 21
The Provincial Health Services Authority, Disaster Psychosocial Program is presenting their inaugural conference on disa...


April 2016

APR 19
The ICEPAS Conference aims to provide a communication platform for scholars, professionals, academics and graduate stude...

Jeju Island,
Korea (South)

May 2016

MAY 13
Whenever human actions seem difficult to comprehend, those who best understand how physiological, emotional and cognitiv...

San Mateo, California,
United States

October 2016

Dreaming Asleep, Dreaming Awake International Conference 7-­8 October 2016 – Warsaw, Poland organised by Interdisc...


OCT 18
1st Semarang State University International Conference on Counseling and Educational Psychology (SICCEP) 2016. We encour...


November 2016

Conference Name: 7th International Conference on Psychology, Language and Teaching (ICPLT), 09-10 Nov 2016, Singapore C...


February 2017

FEB 19
10th International Conference on Learning, Education and Pedagogy (LEAP), 19-20 Feb 2017, Dubai Conference Dates: 19-20...

United Arab Emirates

FEB 20
10th International Conference on Psychology, Language and Teaching (ICPLT), 20-21 Feb 2017, Dubai Conference Dates: 20-...

United Arab Emirates

March 2017

Global perspectives shall complement discussions regarding the generation, promotion and implementation of evidence-base...


June 2017

JUN 15
Conference Name: 14th International Conference on Psychology and Behavioural Sciences (ICPBS), 15-16 June 2017, Singapor...


July 2017

JUL 11
Sri Lankan Association of Psychology, Counselling and Allied Professions and TIIKM Conferences invites you to take part...

Sri Lanka

September 2017

Welcome to the 4th Conference on Psychology for Sustainability in Asia (PSYSUS 2017), which is being held Sunday, Monday...


SEP 18
- We feel privileged and cordially invite you to our conference on Positive Psychology and Behavioral science. This meet...

san antonio, Texas,
United States

October 2017

OCT 11
23rd International Conference on Psychology & Language Research (ICPLR), 11-12 October 2017, Dubai, UAE Conference Date...

United Arab Emirates

November 2017

Hello, This is Robert James; we cordially invite at our upcoming “27th World Congress on Clinical Psychiatry on Nov...


June 2018

JUN 21
2018 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology (SCAP 2018), organized by East Asia Research and supported by Singapore ...


August 2018


Czech Republic

AUG 28
International Conference on Education, Economics, Psychology and Social Studies (ICEEPS) is an international platform fo...


September 2018

SEP 10
International Symposium on Education, Psychology and Social Sciences (ISEPSS) is an international platform for scholars,...


November 2018

NOV 13
2018 International Conference on Education and Psychology (ICEAP 2018) is scheduled to be held from November 13-15, 2018...


June 2019

JUN 20
2019 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology (SCAP 2019), organized by East Asia Research and supported by Singapore ...

Singapore ,

July 2019

JUL 19
- The third edition of CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences will be held in Prague from July 19 to July 27, 2019.�...

Czech Republic

September 2019

SEP 11
1st ANDRAGOGY & ADULT EDUCATION CONFERENCE psychological, sociological, economic and cultural dimensions of development ...


December 2019

DEC 17
The International Conference on Education and Psychology (ICEAP 2019) is scheduled to be held from December 17-19, 2019 ...


January 2020

JAN 23
The 4th International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence and 7th anual meeting of the Social Paediatric Subcommitte...


May 2020

MAY 13
We cordially invite you to attend 3rd Annual Congress on Mental Health held in Zagreb, croatia during May 13-14, 2020 wh...


July 2021

JUL 27
Introduction to Film and Psychoanalysis 27 July 2021 – Online Workshop 1pm-4pm (London Time) organised by L...

United Kingdom

December 2021

SCAP 2021 is moving forward with a physical event in 2021! We’re pleased to announce that 2021 Singapore Conference...


DEC 12
In the workshop with Mary Wild (the creator of the PROJECTIONS lecture series at Freud Museum London), we will examine t...

United Kingdom

June 2022

The 2nd International Conference on Research in Psychology, June 03–05, 2022 in Oxford, UK aims to bring together acad...

United Kingdom

December 2022

We are pleased and honored to invite you to the “World Congress on Clinical Psychiatry" which is going to be held duri...

United Kingdom

Who else wants an in-person conference? 2022 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology ‘LIVE’ (SCAP2022) 8-9 De...


March 2023

MAR 23
We are delighted to invites you to International Conference On Addiction & Psychiatry which is going to held on March 23...


MAR 24
3rd International Conference on Research in Psychology(ICRPCONF) 2023 is the annual event for members of academia – re...

United Kingdom

October 2023

OCT 12
We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Conference, WPBCONF2023, to be held in th...

United Kingdom


Psychology Gone Wrong

The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy

by Tomasz Witkowski & Maciej Zatonski


Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy explores the dark sides of psychology, the science that penetrates almost every area of our lives. It must be read by everyone who has an interest in psychology, by all those who are studying or intend to study psychology, and by present and potential clients of psychotherapists. This book will tell you which parts of psychology are supported by scientific evidence, and which parts are simply castles built on sand. This is the first book which comprehensively covers all mistakes, frauds and abuses of academic psychology, psychotherapy, and psycho-business. The second volume was published under the title Psychology Led Astray Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy, also released by BrownWalker Press. IN THE NEWS See Chronicle of H...

Psychology Led Astray

Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy

by Tomasz Witkowski


This book shows how scientific and psychotherapeutic practices change into worthless rituals called by the famous physicist, Richard Feynman, "cargo cult." It is a must-read for everybody who is interested in psychology, who is studying or intends to study it, but also for present and potential clients of psychotherapists and parents of mentally-disabled children. Readers will learn which parts of psychology and therapy are cargo-cult-like and which are reliable. This book is the second part of trilogy devoted to the dark side of psychology. The first volume was published under the title Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy, also released by BrownWalker Press. IN THE NEWS See Chronicle of Higher Education (20 Mar 2017) BOOK REVIEWS Psychologist Witkowski f...

Rewriting Psychology

An Abysmal Science?

by David Y. F. Ho


Of what use is psychology if it does not help to solve the pressing problems of the day at the individual and collective levels? This is no less a pointed question to the reader as it is to the author that sets the stage for an adventurous sharing of ideas. The author shies away from providing ready-made answers but spares no effort in stirring the reader to ponder questions about human nature and behavior. Soon, the reader will react with the exclamation, “Ah, this book is about me, useful to my life!” In this way, the book serves to bridge the gap between academia and the general public. As the reader may well expect, bold assertions may be found throughout this volume. For instance, Piaget’s stage of formal operations does not represent the final or highest level of cognitive dev...

The Hidden Psychology of Our Talking

Predicate-Equating Cognition and its Role in Communication

by David W. Shave


This book introduces the concept of the "unconscious entity" and reveals it as the most important concept in psychology. The book begins by presenting that the basic emotional need of humans is the need to be emotionally comfortable. Anything, that makes us emotionally uncomfortable, is a frustration of our basic emotional need, that then produces anger. The bigger the frustration, the more anger is produced. If that anger is not immediately expressed, it becomes repressed, and then stored in our mind as "unconscious entity," making any unwanted feeling we have, more unwanted. Unconscious entity arises from our unexpressed anger. It manifests itself as unwanted feelings. The feeling we least want is the very feeling most likely to be produced by our unexpressed anger. To reduce the intensi...

Rewriting Cultural Psychology

Transcend Your Ethnic Roots and Redefine Your Identity

by David Y. F. Ho


This volume is addressed to scholars as well as a popular audience, aimed to bridge the gap between academia and the general public. It deals with "who we are," concerning our sense of self and identity; and "how we live," concerning our ways of life in diverse cultures. It affirms that we may transcend our cultural-ethnic roots and redefine our identities, individual or collective. Transcendence opens the door not only to personal transformation but also to confront ethnic stereotypes and prejudices. Readers will gain fresh cultural knowledge from both the East and the West and be attuned to the theme of letting no ethnic group be alien to us.This book is at once about the immersion of life in culture and the remaking of culture by human action--reciprocal influence at work. The idea of i...

Fads, Fakes, and Frauds

Exploding Myths in Culture, Science and Psychology

by Tomasz Witkowski, Ph.D., Foreword by Roy Baumeister, Translated by Ken Fleming


This book is a collection of skeptical social essays in which the author reveals that much of our popular beliefs, psychology and science are defective, because, although we live in the 21st century, our approach to them is deeply rooted in our culture, and biased by history and evolution. These essays help the reader take a step sideways, think independently, and not fall victim to fads, fakes, and frauds. Anyone who values a deeper understanding of contemporary social reality and the changes taking place in it should read this book--from students to scientists and intellectuals. Through these essays we learn to look under the veneer of reality, behind the altars of science, under the scenery of pop-psychology and behind the facade of therapeutic culture. Thanks to essays on suicide...

Christian Psychotherapy & Criminal Rehabilitation

An Intregration of Psychology and Theology for Rehabilitative Effectiveness

by James Slobodzien


Recently, there has been a growing interest in biblically based approaches to counseling by spirit filled evangelical scholars and counseling psychologists. They are integrating the research of psychology and religion particularly the Christian Faith, for rehabilitative efforts. Since a review of a number of recidivism studies in various states and in the Federal prison system leads to the conclusion that roughly two-thirds of the offenders released from prison will be reimprisoned, usually for committing new offenses, within a 3-year period, there is a great need for change in our correctional counseling philosophies. When we consider that a large percentage of the inmates that go to jail and prison return to the community unchanged, it can paint a pretty frightening picture of how u...

Curiosity and Information Seeking in Animal and Human Behavior

A Review the Literature and Data in Comparative Psychology, Animal Cognition, Ethology, Ontogenesis, and Elements of Cognitive Neuroscience as they Relate to Animal Inquisitiveness (2nd Edition)

by Wojciech Pisula


The purpose of the book is to deliver a critical review of the literature and author's research data relevant for understanding the phenomena of curiosity, information seeking behavior, and novelty seeking. The book is designed to be a comprehensive and systematic lecture of areas related to the main subject in a way that will enable the reader to grasp the notion of development in terms of the evolutionary time scale and ontogenesis. Each of the subjects is explained on the basis of three perspectives: ultimate factors, integrative levels, and proximate mechanisms. This work is intended to integrate approaches adopted within psychology, ethology, and behavioral neuroscience. The major uniqueness is related to the integrative levels framework, which is not very often utilized the the conte...

Conrad's Lord Jim

Psychology of the Self

by John P. Anderson


This non-academic author explores Conrad’s classic Lord Jim as a clinic in the psychology of the self, a novel whose characters are designed to reflect various degrees of integration of self-image and action and independence from the approval of others. Conrad’s character construction anticipates the findings and theories of modern psychology, particularly those of psychological differentiation and to a lesser extent Jung and Freud. The main contrast in the clinic of the self is between the independent Marlow and the dependent Jim. After Jim fails to do his duty as First Mate on a ship named the Patna, he is judged by a court of inquiry and humiliated. Pathologically subject to shame because of the lack of any secure self, the dependent Jim attempts to hide by moving from port to port...

Natural Behavior

The Evolution of Behavior in Humans and Animals using Comparative Psychology and Behavioral Biology

by Burton A. Weiss


Natural Behavior provides seminal insights into the evolution of animal and human behavior for enthusiasts of Comparative Psychology and Behavioral Biology. Evolution and the behavior of the animal kingdom are discussed with new concepts on science, learning and instinct, and population phenomena. Hominization, interaction with Neanderthals, how the brain evolved, and the impact on the World are described with new views.The origin of our scientific concepts and the trend away from the egocentric position, placing humans at the center of the universe, is considered, along with the status of religion and how the fit with science is positive. This volume carefully explains evolution and the central role of behavior in natural selection. The range of animal behavior from single cells to people...

ACT for Musicians

A Guide for Using Acceptance and Commitment Training to Enhance Performance, Overcome Performance Anxiety, and Improve Well-Being

by David G. Juncos and Elvire de Paiva e Pona


While it is widely recognized that music contributes to the health and well-being of societies, the reverse is not necessarily true. Being a professional musician is a rewarding yet challenging occupation, and the results of newer survey studies show musicians experience psychological challenges, like depression and anxiety, at much higher rates than adults in the general public. This book introduces Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) as an intervention for addressing some of the most common problems facing student and professional musicians across the world. A broadly applicable model for behavior change, ACT can be used by professionals in both clinical and non-clinical settings with adequate training. Thus, this book is intended for musicians and practitioners from various back...

by Tomi L. Wahlstrom


Today's business environment requires more effective leadership than ever. In the constantly changing business environment, the leader has the central responsibility of keeping people motivated and productive. Many companies have been downsizing and laying off employees, and leaving behind employees with a wounded morale. To lift this morale, the leader needs to possess characteristics and qualities that cannot be learned from courses taken in business schools alone. These characteristics and qualities can only be learned from life itself in an individual journey of individuation. The leader needs to undergo an initiation process from immature psychology to mature psychology. Traditionally, this process is what makes "men out of boys" and "women out of girls." In analytical psycholo...

Evolution, Information and Personality

Toward A Unified Theory of the Psyche

by Robert DePaolo


If writing a multidisciplinary treatise is difficult (and this endeavor wasn't exactly a walk in the park) then I had to imagine how difficult it might be for the reader to assimilate the cross references to evolution, information dynamics and clinical psychology that characterize this book. Moreover, I had to consider that reading a book written in language derived from quantum physics, psychology and anthropology might prove to be a bit dreary, even for seasoned clinicians. So to preclude possible confusion this book was written with Information Theory in mind. That's why, for the sake of clarity, certain themes are repeated in successive chapters to serve as an anchor point for the diverse ideas that revolve around them. As to the book itself, it is offered as an integrative...

Sexual Violence in Conflict

A Threat to Global Security

by Francis Chinedu Abara


The originality of this book rests in the application of the human security framework to analyze sexual and gender-based violence in conflict. The human security paradigm is concerned and centered on the individual's security threats holistically and is inclusive of both men and women in its agenda. The author argues that making a balanced narrative of sexual violence that includes both men and women as both victims and perpetrators could be a more effective means of preventing conflict-related sexual violence than when men are excluded. Another positive feature of the book rests in its analysis of the plights of victims and survivors of sexual violence during conflict and post-conflict situations. The author describes the devastating emotional and traumatic pain, the psychological agony,...

Expanding Horizons

Current Research on Interpersonal Acceptance

by Karen J. Ripoll-Nunez, Anna Laura Comunian, & Carrie M. Brown (editors)


Expanding Horizons: Current Research on Interpersonal Acceptance offers readers an outstanding collection of papers that reflects current trends in research on interpersonal acceptance. Papers in this volume cover a variety of questions and topics with regard to issues of acceptance-rejection by significant figures in parent-child, sibling, peer, and adult intimate relationships. Also, several papers deal with the implications of interpersonal acceptance for the development and educational achievement of children, college students, as well as children with special needs. Lastly, an entire section of the book is devoted to methodological issues in the evaluation of interpersonal acceptance across cultures. The authors draw on the perspectives of different disciplines such as educational psy...

by DeWayne P. Frazier


Job satisfaction is one of the most researched topics in the field of industrial psychology. This dissertation is an examination of job satisfaction of international educators in the post-September 11th era. International educators have experienced immense change since September 11, including implementation of the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and the threat of global terrorism. As a result many international educators are contemplating early retirement or are leaving the field for different vocations. This study focuses on four different international educator groups: English as a second language administrators/ teachers, international student advisors, study abroad/ international program advisors, and international admissions advisors. The study is the first compreh...

Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection

Social, Emotional, and Educational Contexts

by Elias Kourkoutas and Fatos Erkman (editors)


Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection: Social, Emotional, and Educational Contexts draws on research to offer a global perspective on issues of fundamental importance to family functioning, childhood development, and adult intimate relationships, as well as to policy and practice for children, adolescents, couples, and families at risk. It draws on the perspectives of major social science disciplines such as clinical and educational psychology, anthropology, psychology, special education, and sociology, thus ensuring topics are discussed within broad theoretical frameworks. The authors cover a wide spectrum of questions and topics in relation to perceived acceptance and rejection by significant others. Chapters are set in the context of worldwide trends in the area of interpersonal accept...

Education in a Postfactual World

From Knowing to Understanding

by Patrick M. Whitehead, PhD


In this book, Whitehead argues against the fact-minded orientation of education and the practice of science. It is not that facts are unhelpful, but they have become a substitute for learning (learning is now tantamount to fact memorization). This change handicaps students by eliminating the possibility of creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking; it handicaps science by limiting the kinds of questions that can be asked and where to look for answers; and ultimately puts people out of touch with their experience. The problem is fact-mindedness. Facts are the relics of enlightenment thinking. They represent unbiased and unquestionable truth about our universe. The more you collect, the more you know; the more you know, the more powerful you are; the more powerful you are…. You get t...

Psychological Problems and Their Big Deceptions

Introducing Predicate-Equating Cognition, Metaphorical Communications, and the Unconscious Entity

by David W. Shave


Psychological Problems And Their Big Deceptions reveals the multiple fraudulent and deceptive concepts of both Psychology and Psychiatry, such as the present-day gross misuse of the  "PTSD" diagnosis,  while introducing the foremost, but previously unrecognized, concept, the "Unconscious Entity." Though all people do not have a mental illness, everyone, without exception, has periods of being emotionally uncomfortable. This book convincingly shows what causes a state of being emotionally uncomfortable to any degree, and what is necessary to regain a state of being emotionally comfortable. In doing this, one will conclude it is a lot less the psychological counsel, in someone seeking professional help, and much more the listening, in any "counseling," that makes the cure. This boo...

Advancing Conjugate Gaze

Advanced Concepts in Reflex Mind-Body Therapy

by Vincent L. Perri


Advancing Conjugate Gaze advances Dr. Perri's Conjugate Gaze approach of manipulative reflex therapy to an integrated mind-body approach to reflex-based physical and somato-emotional therapeutics. Covering such diverse topics as the "tadpole child" of the autistic spectrum disorders to the underlying relationship of the cranial fascial planes to the chakras of the human body, Dr. Perri charts a specific and highly referenced approach to integrating dysfunctional mind-body interactions. Advancing Conjugate Gaze will take interested practitioners of any physical medicine discipline as well as psychology to a full understanding of the conjugate gaze mechanism. Its application in conjunction with peripheral reflex contacts, verbal cues, spatial field of interaction, visceral fascial releases,...

Into Complexity

A Pattern-oriented Approach to Stakeholder Communications

by Cornelis Pieters


The NWO-programme "the societal aspects of genomics", has called for stronger means of collaboration and deliberative involvement between the various stakeholders of genomics research. Within the project group assembled at the UH, this call was translated to the 'lingua democratica', in which the prerequisites of such deliberative efforts were put to scrutiny. The contribution of this thesis has taken a more or less abstract angle to this task, and sought to develop a vocabulary that can be shared amongst various stakeholders with different backgrounds, interests and stakes for any complex theme, although genomics has more or less been in focus throughout the research. As 'complexity thinking' is currently a theme in both the 'hard' sciences as the social sciences and the humanities, and ...

Weaving Dreams into the Classroom

Practical Ideas for Teaching about Dreams and Dreaming at Every Grade Level, including Adult Education

by Curtiss Hoffman & Jacquie Lewis (editors)


Weaving Dreams into the Classroom is an extraordinary anthology which combines the seasoned experience of ten educators at all educational levels to provide the reader with practical, hands-on models for bringing the subject of dreams and dreaming to students. It also includes the perspective of a teenage student who has been embedded in a dream-centered education program since early childhood. The authors come from diverse backgrounds, including academic and clinical psychology, anthropology, and religious studies. Their home institutions range from small private colleges and institutes to large research universities, both in the United States and Great Britain. PRAISE FOR WEAVING DREAMS INTO THE CLASSROOM In recent years, there has been an unprecedented interest in dreams and how t...

by Carol Elizabeth Reed-Jones


The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential for increasing informal music-making in elementary school culture, and create a model of such music-making. Precedence for this model can be found in the literature of ethnomusicology, educational psychology and learning theory, multicultural music education, and cultural anthropology. Literature from four distinct traditions and contexts of music-making in integrative sociocultural contexts—sub-Saharan African ngoma, and Community Music as manifested in New Orleans second lines, old-time music and dance, and summer camp music-making—was parsed with a philosophical lens to determine and assess possible areas of intersection between these four participatory cultures and North American public school culture. Each of these five ar...

The Deritualization of Death

Toward a Practical Theology of Caregiving for the Bereaved

by Charles Lynn Gibson


The problematic field of investigation for this study was for the care of bereaved human beings in the context of significant cultural shifts now shaping the twenty-first century. Deritualization was identified as a significant interdisciplinary concern that contributes to potential distress in processes of grieving. The objective of the research was the development of a practical theology of compassionate caregiving for the bereaved with deference to the problem of deritualization. The theoretical framework was guided by the Oxford Interdisciplinary Research model and the Loyola Institute of Ministries model of practical theology. The study was designed for applied research for funeral directors and vocational pastors utilizing qualitative research methods. Hermeneutical and empirical com...

by Larry Robson


START A NEW BUSINESS - EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS, ADVANCE YOUR CAREER - GET MORE OUT OF LIFE More than a self help resource -- a complete and practical guide to finding and managing success. Eighty percent of all success is generated by 20 percent of the people. Compound this with the fact that four out of five new businesses may never realize their fifth anniversary and an important question immediately presents itself. Why? This book explores that very question and responds. Much has been written on this topic in books that specialize in everything from psychology to practical management guides of every size, shape and description. It's Your Business begins with a different twist in that it explores who we are inherently and instinctively. The reader is challenged to think from out...

by Hassan Shamsy


The book provides a concise, step-by-step easy guide to new individual investors on stock investment. Basic information is discussed followed by the more complex issues of stock fundamentals and fundamental analysis using three different approaches. Technical analysis is presented applying major indicators. The reader will then be familiarised with risk factors, legal and ethical aspects of stock investment and a review of the economic and major market indices.Potential investment strategies, including stock options, are presented with risk reward analysis. Market structure is outlined and hidden facts about market psychology and how it works are revealed. Everything is then put together in five modules under a master plan. Three very useful annexes are also added.It is difficult to find...

by Siddhartha Sarkar (series editor)


Organization development activities intervene in the interactions of human resource systems, such as formal and informal groups, work culture and climate, and organization design to increase their effectiveness using a variety of applied behavioral sciences. Organizational development is an ongoing, systematic process to implement effective change in an organization. Organizational development is known as both a field of applied behavioral science focused on understanding and managing organizational change and as a field of scientific study and inquiry. This peer-reviewed International Journal of Strategic Organization and Behavioural Science (IJSOBS) ISSN 0974-3464 is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on sociology, psychology, and theories of motivation, learning, and personality and ...

by Bethel G.A. Erastus-Obilo


Lay participation in the criminal justice process in the form of a jury is a celebrated phenomenon throughout the common law jurisdictions. While not claiming credit for its origin, England, as the latent cradle of the modern jury, disseminated this mode of trial to a great part of the world through colonization. Yet, trial by jury does not enjoy constitutional protection under English law. The system has been under severe criticism, curtailment and considerable pressure in recent times, perhaps far more than in other countries. Critics have demanded reform or outright abolition and supporters have opposed the demands just as vehemently and any reform achieved has been piecemeal and reluctant. The furore has helped to galvanise robust and extensive intellectual debate on the subject. It ha...

Murders without Bodies

The Case Files of America's Top "No Body" Homicide Prosecutor

by Robert J. Sullivan, Ph.D.


Each and every year, thousands of people go missing, over one-third of them are victims of murder, and their bodies are never recovered. These cases are seldom investigated, much less prosecuted due to lack of evidence and lack of resolve by prosecutors. This book takes a deep dive into actual investigations and prosecutions of murders without bodies and is intended for those with interest in criminal investigation and risky prosecutions. The reader will learn the complexities of evidence identification, witness testimony, forensics, legal maneuvering, courtroom tactics, and the psychology of jury selection. Though many books are written about murder investigation, this book is unique as it delves into six actual real-life cases from the initial missing person report through the murder in...

Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Non-Formal Education

Interdisciplinary Examinations into Various Instructional Models

by Daniel Mara and Margareta M. Thomson (editors)


In this collection of work, the contributing authors tackle the topic of non-formal education from a variety of disciplines, such as computer science, psychology, education, science education, literacy, music, art, and social studies by sharing original perspectives, and proposing novel educational approaches. The book chapters present insights into designing and carrying out non-formal education activities, operational management strategies related to non-formal education, activating and creating the well-being of participants in non-formal education activities, and implementing active learning. The current volume appeals to a wide audience, including teachers, parents, students, and education specialists, as well as researchers and community members working with youth and children. More...