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April 2016

APR 21
REGISTRATION FORM now available on


June 2016

JUN 28
ICOPEC 2016 is organized by Batman University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Marmara University Fa...


August 2016

AUG 15
"International Journal of Law and Politics" is a peer-reviewed scientific e-journal, published every three months by Sci...


September 2016

SEP 26
Important dates: Extended Full Paper Submission Deadline: 8 July 2016 Final Paper (Camera-Ready) Submission Deadline: ...


October 2016

OCT 14
Call for Papers The Fifth Euroacademia International Conference The European Union and the Politicization of Europ...


January 2017

JAN 12
The “European Journal of Economics, Law and Politics” (ELP) is a peer reviewed journal.ELP is quarterly publish jour...


April 2017

With more than 5,000 global attendees annually, the MPSA Annual Conference is one of the largest political science confe...

United States

June 2017

JUN 15
The new challenges facing societies across the globe have dismantled the conventional politics of stability, consensus a...

United Kingdom

JUN 29
The 4th International Academic Conference on Law, Politics and Management (IACLPM 2017) will be held in Krakow, Poland o...


September 2017

Website: Enquiries: [email protected] International Workshop on Law and Politics ...


SEP 25
As the world becomes increasingly integrated the political, social, and cultural boundaries are being re-configured and ...


January 2018

JAN 31

April 2018

APR 27
This one-day conference will look at how the recent influx of migration and refugee movement has affected various aspec...


September 2018

SEP 24
Politics and Society in a Globalizing World: Issues, Actors, and Explanations. Scholarly research and reflection can h...


April 2019

APR 26
Please see website for more information. This one-day conference will look at how the rise of populism and ethnocentr...


November 2019

The ANPOR Annual Conference in 2019, Power of Public Opinion and Multicultural Communication toward Global Transformatio...

Chiang Mai,

2019 Call For Participation 51st Annual Meeting November 7-9, 2019 Philadelphia, PA Program Chair Lisa K. Parshal...

United States

NOV 25
Call for papers: BROLLY. Journal of Social Sciences London Academic Publishing, UK Vol. 2, No. 3, December 2019 - Sp...

United Kingdom

April 2020

APR 24
The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) is now accepting paper submissions for its 2020 International Graduate Stude...


May 2020

2nd International Hellenic Conference on Political Sciences: Communicating in Politics? (HEPO2020), 3-7 May 2020, in At...


December 2020

The International Scientific Conference SWS Vienna ART 2020 is organized as an extended session of the SWS International...


August 2021

The Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG) invites you at its 2nd International Hellenic Conference on Political S...


February 2022

FEB 19
Migration has been a constant feature of human history – “homo migrans” have existed ever since “homo sapiens”...

United Kingdom


Risk and the State

How Economics and Neuroscience Shape Political Legitimacy to Address Geopolitical, Environmental, and Health Risks for Sustainable Governance

by Phillip G. LeBel


Economics demonstrates how markets can serve as remarkably efficient institutions in allocating scarce resources. At the same time, incomplete information generates prices that can lead to a mis-allocation, producing in some cases too little while in others too much of a good. Matters become more complicated when striking a balance is influenced by our perceptions of risk. Here, neuroscience provides insights into which, and what kind of public sector interventions one should consider. While there are many types of risk – political, economic, financial, and environmental as individuals confront any crisis, our perceptions of risk can alter significantly the extent to which we look to public sector intervention as a response. In the short run, crises many be managed through greater pu...

The Cross, the Plow and the Skyline

Contemporary Science Fiction and the Ecological Imagination

by Ernest J. Yanarella


The apocalyptic, pastoral, and urban traditions have fundamentally shaped Western history and influenced American religion, culture, and politics. This book argues that these traditions have not only been decisive in giving form and substance to classic and modern American literature, but have been appropriated by contemporary science fiction. As a loosely connected set of cultural narratives, the Cross, the Plow, and the Skyline have through the medium of science fiction provided a bold vista on the future grounded in an emergent ecological imagination. This challenging vision, the author claims, may yet settle into the New Millennium's cultural consciousness and inform an ecological politics dedicated to confronting the nation's and the world's social and environmental problems. T...

Easy Essays on Economics

Concise Coverage of Complex Concepts

by Paul C. Bennett, PhD, MSF, CFP®


Most books about economics either focus granularly on extremely complex subject matter or conversely, provide a cursory overview of topics that require more in-depth review. Easy Essays on Economics was written to bridge the gap between the technical and simplistic explanations routinely found in economics books. Beginning with the history of economic thought in ancient times, Dr. Bennett explains the foundational elements of the social science of economics, presenting the economic explanations behind selected significant historical events of the past 200 years. He proceeds to discuss the origin of money, the Federal Reserve, and the banking system as it began and as it exists today. Additional topics covered include the theory of the firm and principal agent theories, the much-maligned...

Information Systems for Sustainable Business Development

Proceedings of the International Information Systems Conference (iiSC) 2011

by Saqib Ali & Rafi Ashrafi (editors)


The Information Systems Department of the College of Economics and Political Science at Sultan Qaboos University organized an international conference on Information Systems (iiSC) in October 2011. The conference proceedings contain written versions of selected contributions presented during the conference. The conference theme was 'information systems for sustainable business development.' The conference provided a forum for discussion on current issues and challenges as well as recent and future developments across a wide range of areas in information systems including. - Trends in Information Systems - E-commerce and E-business Challenges - Knowledge Management and IS industrial applications - Trends in Web technologies - IS Security and Mobile Computing - E-Governmen...

The Paradox of the Good Bribe

A Discussion Defining and Protecting the Public Interest

by David J O'Regan


What do Plato and the Bible tell us about bribery? Does it even matter? When it comes to ethical guidance on bribery should we look less to traditional wisdom and instead be seeking understanding and guidance primarily from modern sources? From economists with their talk of efficient markets, and from the critical theorists who focus on inequities in power relations? This book explores such questions in depth.Taking the form of a Platonic dialogue, the book contains a discussion of claims made for recognition of the positive aspects of bribery. This goes beyond the well-known "harmless" bribe - the facilitating or “grease” payment which encourages an official to speed up the performance of his or her existing duties, without additional favors. This type of baksheesh may be unattractive...

The Citizen-Soldier in War and Peace

An Introduction to the History and Evolution of Citizen Armies and Militias

by James Biser Whisker and John R. Coe


The Citizen Soldier in War and Peace is a is a short historical look at the use of firearms in America and throughout the world this book appeals to anybody who believes in the Second Amendment or who is interested in the historical use of firearms. It begins with the use of guns for hunting and self-protection ad well as personal property and of course national defense early in our country‘s early history . It also analyzes the philosophical standpoint of the idea of the armed citizen and its relationship to freedom. A freeman with a gun, an armed citizenry means a free country The book also does a thorough job of examining other countries and other philosophical aspects of arming the citizenry. This book clearly defines the Militias in other countries. It touches on China and the Sovie...

Neighborhood Challenge

The European Union and Its Neighbors

by Birgul Demirtas-Coskun & Bezen Balamir-Coskun


One of the intriguing questions of the post-Cold War era has been whether the EU will play a major global role in world politics as non-traditional threats and challenges came to the forefront. Launching new policies such as the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the European Security and Defence Policy and the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) have been considered important steps in the EU?s evolution as a regional and possibly global actor. Neighborhood Challenge analyzes critical aspects of the European Union's relations with its neighbours, by extending its analysis beyond the ENP. Unlike existing books on the subject, the volume covers the entire neighborhood from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus to North Africa; from the Western Balkans to the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Such an ...