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May 2015

MAY 22
We warmly welcome you to International Conference on Food Safety and Nutrition 2015 which will be held on 22nd& 23rd May...

Sri Lanka

July 2015

JUL 13
Nutraceutical-2015 Organizing Committee cordially invites all the participants across the globe to attend the World Nutr...

United States

October 2015

OCT 26
OMICS Group is conducting its 4th International Conference and Exhibition on Nutrition at Chicago, USA from October 26-2...

United States

October 2016

The International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference - INDC 2016 is an international forum for scientific discussion foc...

Czech Republic

June 2017

JUN 26
The 1st International Conference on Food Technology and Nutritional Science 2017 (Food & Nutrition-2017) will be hosted ...

Baltimore, Maryland,
United States

May 2018

MAY 14
EuroSciCon is happy to announce its next conference “Food Technology 2018” which is to be held on May 14-16, 2018 in...


MAY 24


October 2018

OCT 25
Scientific Federation is delighted to welcome you all to the 2nd World Summit & Expo on Food Technology and Probiotics ...

Czech Republic

April 2019

All selected papers will be published as chapters in edited book/conference proceeding with ISBN No. and few high-end pa...

New Delhi, India,

November 2019

NOV 12
The international Conference program is structured in keynote, invited, oral and poster presentations and covers the ent...

Valencia, Spain,

March 2020

MAR 28
Food is a basic foundation of culture and society, it is vital to our health and well-being and it plays a significant r...

United Kingdom

MAR 30
Sciinov Conferences Group, we identify and bridge the gap in knowledge sharing by creating and implementing new scientif...

New Jersey,
United States

April 2020

APR 29
Nutrition & Pediatrics 2020 welcomes all the nutrionists, dieticians, healthcare professionals, worldwide Specialists, R...

United Arab Emirates

June 2020

JUN 22
Dear All, Scientific federation welcomes you to attend the 4th Global Summit on Nutritional Science and Food Che...

Toronto, Canada,

July 2020

JUL 20
Peers Alley Scientific Committee, is glad to extend a warm welcome and invite all the experts in the arena of nutrition ...

United Kingdom

August 2020

AUG 22
Food is a basic foundation of culture and society, it is vital to our health and well-being and it plays a significant r...

United Kingdom

September 2020

SEP 10
Attend this webinar to learn how to be prepared for a recall, and how to handle it if it begins to happen. Learn how to ...

November 2020

NOV 20
USFN is immensely privileged and excited to extend an invitation to all practitioners, researchers, experimenters, schol...

Kuala Lumpur,

April 2021

APR 20
Paper Publishing: Journal about Food Engineering to be included in the Engineering & Technology Digital Library, and...


May 2021

Learn from world-changing thinkers and movers in the world of women’s wisdom and herbalism. The 2021 Conference will...

United States

August 2021

AUG 21
This conference will explore food as a complex cultural product, an indicator of social, religious and political identit...

United Kingdom

September 2021

Magnus Group welcomes members from different parts of the World to join International Nutrition Research Conference (Nut...


March 2022

MAR 11
Agriculture conferences 2022 the pleasure to invite you to the Global Conference on Agriculture which will be held from ...


June 2022

JUN 15
Magnus Group has built on the incredible success and enthusiastic feedback from our previous conference, and we cordiall...


August 2022

AUG 20
Food is a basic foundation of culture and society, it is vital to our health and well-being and it plays a significant r...

United Kingdom

AUG 26
Publication: All papers of ICFAE 2022 will be published in journal about agriculture or food to be included in the Ulri...


AUG 26
Paper Publishing: Journal about Food Engineering to be included in the Engineering & Technology Digital Library, and i...


November 2022

NOV 10
Conference Series LLC ltd with immense pleasure invites all the contributors across the globe to the 6th international c...

Pacific Gateway Vancouver Airport 3500 Cessna Dr, Richmond BC V7B 1C7 Canada,

July 2023

JUL 15
6th International Conference on Bioscience & Engineering (BIEN 2023) July 15-16, 2023, Virtual Conference https://...


February 2024

FEB 23
Join us in Milan, Italy for the Global Conference on Nutrition and Food Sciences. This is the perfect platform to presen...



by AnnMarie Breda, N.D., Ph.D.


Human Papillomavirus has emerged as a distinct cause of cervical changes in young women. Its prevalence is continuously growing and is considered at epidemic proportions with 20 million Americans already infected and 5.5 million new cases reported annually. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Tracking the Hidden Epidemics., Trends in STDs in the U.S. 2000, Atlanta, Georgia, 2000) There are known risk factors associated with HPV cervical changes and cervical cancer. These known risk factors are the number of one’s sexual partners, age at first coitus, smoking and use of oral contraception. The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between known risk factors and unknown risk factors, such as nutrition, vitamin deficiency and other lifestyle variab...

Foods That Harm, Foods That Promote Health

A Biochemical and Nutritional Perspective in Health and Disease Prevention

by Stefan A. Hulea and Mirela Ahmadi, editors


This book looks at fresh (fruits and vegetables) and processed foods from a biochemical and nutritional perspective, as well as the relationship between their content in micronutrients and phytochemicals and the major killer diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. The book also pays special attention to two important topics not addressed by other texts on nutrition, namely low-grade systemic inflammation and caloric restriction, which were consistently shown to impact health and disease. Caloric restriction can help in weight reduction programs and in slowing down age-associated degenerative disorders. In contrast to other texts on a similar topic, this book is a blend of nutrition, biochemistry and pathology. More specifically, we discuss the molecular mechanisms in...

Diet, Health, and Prevention

A Revolution in Progress against Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle

by Norman J. Temple, Ph.D.


Chronic diseases of lifestyle (CDL), such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, are the dominant family of diseases in the USA and across the Western world. These diseases are closely related to an unhealthy lifestyle. The book explores this family of diseases, their causes, and most especially the role of diet. This information will enable the reader to achieve a healthy lifestyle and prevent these diseases. But the book goes further: it also explores the big picture of how improved health can be achieved across the population. This requires encouraging people to eat a healthier diet. Towards that goal various other important topics are also examined including the dangers posed by the food industry and the great potential of government policy such as: * Food labels * Health promotio...

The Low-Fat Lie

Rise of Obesity, Diabetes and Inflammation

by Glen D. Lawrence


The advice to consume less fat "especially saturated fat" had a profound, adverse impact on public health. Although the percentage of fat in the American diet decreased, the percentage of carbohydrate and total calories increased, and sugar consumption skyrocketed. In The Low-Fat Lie: Rise of Obesity, Diabetes, and Inflammation, Dr. Glen Lawrence describes how the false condemnation of saturated fat arose from a misunderstanding of how our bodies regulate cholesterol. He explains how replacing saturated fat with vegetable oil stoked the fires of inflammation to cause pain and suffering, in addition to aggravating cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The mainstream health and nutrition authorities have long cautioned against consuming too much sugar because of the risk of tooth decay. Howe...

Enlightened Environmentalism

How We Got Here and How to Rescue Our Future

by Anand M. Saxena


A continuous search for comforts, conveniences, and novel objects has brought humanity to a state where a continuation of this process endangers the welfare, perhaps even survival of humanity. The present lifestyle of profligate consumption, aided by developments in science and technology, imposes a heavy burden on the planetary resources and harms the ecosystem that supports us. Considering Earth to be a limitless source of useful materials and an infinite sink of waste products is endangering our future by depleting natural resources and degrading the environment. Many such developments have already begun to adversely affect the ecosystem and are multiplying rapidly. The book discusses these issues in a comprehensive manner, including climate change and its deleterious consequences, degr...

Intermediate Medical Spanish

A Healthcare Workers' Guide for Communicating With the Latino Patient

by Diana Galarreta-Aima, Gabriela Segal, Diana Ruggiero


This is an intermediate level textbook directed toward students who are interested in learning the necessary medical terminology and cultural sensitivity to successfully care for the U.S. Spanish-speaking community in medical contexts. This textbook is divided into 13 chapters that include medical vocabulary, dialogues between medical professionals and patients, case studies, readings on health issues that affect the Latino community, readings to deepen students’ cultural competence while working with Latino patients, and interactive and realistic activities to provide students the tools they need to effectively care for this population. This textbook is unique in the market in its cultural perspective focused on the diversity and complexity of the Latino community living in the Unite...

Virtues of Soy

A Practical Health Guide and Cookbook

by Monique N. Gilbert


Soy, often declared the miracle food of the new millennium, is the most popular and complete vegetable protein source in the world. Nutritionally packed and extremely versatile, soy and soy-based products provide a vast array of health benefits. Yet many people are still unsure how to use these foods in their everyday cooking. Virtues of Soy addresses this dilemma. Discover exactly why soy products such as tofu, tempeh, textured soy protein, soymilk, miso and soy flour are good for your health. Learn more than 169 delicious ways to incorporate these soy foods into your diet. Find out about soy's culinary history, evolution and nutritional breakdown. Based on solid scientific and medical research, Virtues of Soy explains how soy foods can lower cholesterol, fight heart disease, pre...

by Dawn Hughes


A must resource for the millions of people affected by Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes. FMS and CFS, unlike well known and understood diseases like cancer, spring boards a journey for education, understanding and compassion. The book powerfully captures this journey, and is the first to provide patients, family and friends with the imperative resources to find support through their walk. In addition, The Life Planner, is a workbook that maps out a step-by-step guide for adapting and coping with the lifestyle changes fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients must face. The book is divided into four sections: The Syndromes: Provides an extensive look at the cause, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments. From current research to clinical trials. The Resources: A comprehe...