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January 2015

JAN 13
Developing your skills as an Effective Nurse Director: For current and aspiring Directors of Nursing. Chaired by an expe...

March 2015

MAR 17
Research papers related to all areas of Alternative Health,Cardiology,Dermatology, Disability and Rehabilitation,Family ...

Sri Lanka

MAR 19
Heart failure is a devastating disease that causes debilitating symptoms and excess mortality. Using a case-based approa...

Lake Buena Vista,
United States of America

April 2015

The 2015 HealthTech Management Conference will provide the ideal opportunity to present your projects and experiences to...

Washington DC,
United States of America

Victoria University extends an invitation to the international interprofessional community for the inaugural Interprofes...


APR 22
Foundations of Evidence:This event will offer a unique opportunity for participants to consider best practice in local c...

Cape Town,
South Africa

May 2015

Call for Papers and Participation


July 2015

JUL 17
The symposium will provide a valuable opportunity for nurses from different cultural backgrounds and diverse fields to c...

Los Angeles,
United States of America

October 2015

. To improve maternal and child health (MCH) along the U.S.-Mexico border, CDC's Division of Reproductive Health Reprodu...

New Delhi,

OCT 30
The Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF) publishes, in print and online, international journals that feature peer-...


February 2016

Event open for Paramedics and Nurses. Held in the mountain resort of Rusutsu, Japan. Check website for further details.


FEB 16
GOLD Midwifery Online Conference turns TWO in 2016 and our baby has grown even bigger. This year, we've invited 17 inter...

July 2016

JUL 18
Important Dates Full Paper Submission Deadline: 20 May 2016 Final Paper (Camera-Ready) Submission Deadline: 10 Ju...


October 2016

OCT 14
Australian Anaesthesia Allied Health Practitioners(AAAHP), formerly Australasian Society of Anaesthesia Paramedical Offi...


November 2016

Aquilus International and Primary Nursingcare - 2016 organizing committee, we are delighted to welcome all the delegates...

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Emirates

With regards to the BioLEAGUES mission to help the creation and sharing of nursing information and experience, we are pl...


April 2017

Scientific Future takes pleasure in conducting 3rd World Congress on Nursing(Nursing-2017) conference during April 05-07...


August 2017

We welcome you to join us in Hiroshima, Japan for the 4th Asian Symposium on Healthcare Without Borders, which will imme...


October 2017

OCT 16
EuroSciCon invites all the participants across the globe to attend the “Nursing & Midwifery 2017” during October 16t...

United Kingdom

September 2018

SEP 14
You are cordially invited to join To Err is Human: Human Factors in Patient Safety Seminar on Friday the 14th of Septemb...

Park Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

March 2020

MAR 30
Sciinov Conferences Group, we identify and bridge the gap in knowledge sharing by creating and implementing new scientif...

New Jersey,
United States

May 2020

Nursing, Practice and Care (NAC-2020) Conference aims to discuss the latest research and advancements in the field of nu...


September 2020

SEP 25
BioLEAGUES Worldwide invites you to 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Nursing Science and Healthcare planned during Septemb...

Sri Lanka

October 2020

OCT 21
ConferenceSeries LLC Ltd is pleased to invite you to participate in the 30th World Nursing Care and Nursing practice (Nu...


September 2021

Nursing Education, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Staff Nurses, Nursing Students, Midwives, Clinical Nurse Spec...

United Kingdom

December 2021

Society for Nursing Practices (SFNP) and BioLeagues Worldwide organize the "Asia Pacific Conference on Nursing Science a...

United Arab Emirates

We welcome you to join us online on Thursday and Friday, December 2-3, 2021 for the 4th Conference on Public Health in A...

May 2022

We cordially welcome Researchers, Academicians, Physicians, Students, Clinicians, Doctors, HealthCare Industrialists and...

United Kingdom

MAY 23
We take the privilege to welcome Speakers, Delegates and Exhibitors from over the globe to lead “2nd International Con...

United Kingdom

MAY 23
This is John Williams from nursing care congress 2022 The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to participat...

Bangkok, Thailand,

June 2022

After receiving a massive response from our previous onsite and virtual conferences on Nursing & Healthcare, we are exte...


JUN 13
We feel immensed pleasure to invite you for our impending 4th World Congress on Nursing and Patient Healthcare-Hybrid Ev...

United Kingdom

July 2022

JUL 15
The 4th International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare (ICNH 2022) Website:


December 2022

Back again to make a difference! 6th Series of Wound Care 2022 beginning on December 05-06, 2022 in Dubai, UAE with the ...

Dubai, UAE,
United Arab Emirates

March 2023

MAR 16
Given the huge success of the previous conferences and the strong interest in Nursing 2022, we look forward to welcoming...


April 2023

APR 21
With the great success of the previous conferences Excel conferences announcing Women's Entrepreneurship and Leadership,...



by Douglas Long, RN, MBA, PhD


Nursing Scope of Practice is every nurse's guidebook to understanding this terrain. It strips away the confusion and provides a comprehensive, coherent explanation of the nursing scope of practice so nurses can work to the full extent of their abilities and licensing. Nurses will learn what they need to do to keep their patients safe, stay within the legal limits of a nursing license, as well as their employer's policies. Just as important, nurses will also learn how to expand their practice by taking on new roles and expand the scope of practice in a safe and responsible manner. Nursing leaders, government regulators, and scholars will learn how the nursing scope of practice defines the profession, and how the scope of practice can be used to promote nursing professionalism. Douglas ...


100 Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzles for Pre-Med, Medical, and Nursing Students, EMTs, Massage Therapists and Other Health Care Professionals and Crossword Lovers

by John McLeod


Medi-Cross is a compilation of medical terminology crossword puzzles designed for students of medicine and related health sciences and practitioners of these fields of study. It is a supplemental study and review tool in a crossword format using terminology of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and all sciences concerned with the human body. Medi-Cross is the first of its kind in the U.S.-style crossword format and is a fun way to test one's knowledge of medical terms.


A Comprehensive Look into the Mind and Soul of the Sex Offender with Sex Offender Case Studies and the Recidivism Challenge

by G. Cledwyn Jenkins, PhD, D.Min


Banished presents a detailed review of the sex offender; the pedophile and the child molester, and directly explores his thinking processes, reasoning and related issues that offer a clear and concise exposé in these most hated people. In addition to covering the adult offender, this work also exemplifies the thought processes of child and adolescent offenders in order to offer cues for parents and educators of possible abuse or illicit behavior. Through direct examples of client art, case histories and offender testimonies, the book’s purpose will surely educate, as well as in purposing methods for positive change in the process. The research and findings are based on a journalistic foundation, as well as from an experiential point-of-view, where the author had worked with and had int...

by Donna M. Kimball


The purpose of this study was to examine the perception of the registered nurses' knowledge in managing the non-diabetic patient with hyperglycemia in the acute care setting. The evidence that has been identified to keep tight glycemic control has demonstrated better outcomes for this population of patients. A non-experimental, quantitative approach was used in this study. Data was obtained based on a descriptive design, using a survey to collect information from an identified population. A convenience sample of 298 registered nurses, who worked as staff nurses at a small community hospital, was selected to obtain information for this study. A questionnaire was the tool developed to collect the data for this research design. This questionnaire was developed from the research results foun...

Psychiatric Triage and Screening

Trends, Parameters, and Limitations When Evaluating Patients in an Emergency Room Setting

by Malik Abdur-Razzaq


Numerous societal factors have given rise to acute psychiatric conditions in patients referred for mental health evaluation and treatment at a specified emergency room (ER). Some of these risk factors include homelessness, domestic violence, unemployment, and poverty; acute and recurring mental illnesses; comorbid disorders, and the effects of war as evidenced by soldiers returning home from overseas with signs of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. The increase in referrals from correctional facilities, jails, juvenile detention centers, group homes, nursing homes, and schools points to institutions overwhelmed and having difficulty managing their specific populations. As a result, these groups and individuals are referred for psychiatric emergency services. Nurses at the s...

by Imani C. Goodwin


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death among women in the US, and African American women (AAW) have a disproportionately high rate of deaths from CVD. Physical inactivity plays a major role in CVD development. It has been reported that some rural women have low rates of physical activity; 39% of White women and 57% of women of color are reported to be physically inactive. Rural AAW have a high mortality and morbidity rate related to CVD and a high rate of physical inactivity. The purpose of this study was to describe rural AAW's perception of wellness in conjunction with their stage of change for engaging in exercise. A questionnaire was designed to obtain demographic information and reliable and valid questionnaires were used to measure perceived wellness and current ...

The Mumbo Jumbo Fix

A Survival Guide for Effective Doctor-Patient-Nurse Communication

by Michael J. Grace, JD, CPHRM


The Mumbo Jumbo Fix: A Survival Guide for Effective Doctor-Patient-Nurse Communication tackles the vital subject of healthcare miscommunication which is a leading cause of patient harm. It is the first book of its kind geared to all three essential participants--doctors, nurses, AND patients. Written by a medical malpractice trial attorney, hospital risk manager, and healthcare educator, its unique holistic approach provides real-world practical solutions in a concise, easy-to-read, and entertaining format. No other book in the field has been written by someone with equivalent "boots on the ground" experience. And the author's original cartoons are sure to bring a smile to every reader's face. The Mumbo Jumbo Fix contains up-to-date content including telemedicine during the national emerg...

Pearls for Primary Care

Integrating Biochemistry, Physiology, and Clinical Skills To Optimize Outpatient Medicine

by Michael B. Jacobs, MD


Pearls for Primary Care is unique, integrating pertinent basic science information with clinical medicine. The resource bridges the information gap and provides insights for providers and students. Additionally, there are succinct yet comprehensive presentations on managing the more common outpatient problems. This book is for primary care providers and students, e.g., physicians, APRNs, and PAs who desire to improve their patient-education, diagnostic, and treatment skills. Part One provides the biochemistry and physiology precepts to incorporate in understanding of the basics of diseases and treatments. There are chapters on basic biochemistry, fluid and sodium control, acid-base balance, bone marrow, vitamins, autonomic nervous system and control of vital signs, genomics, immunology, ...

by Veronica A. Gillette


Facilitating the transition of elderly patients from the hospital setting to their pre-hospital environment is a major challenge for health care providers. Adequate discharge planning has been mandated by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization (JCAHO) and the American Hospital Association (AHA). However, reports from the literature indicate that some elderly patients on Medicare may be discharged "quicker and sicker" than in the past and that care-giving family members are often not included in the discharge planning process.The problem is that elderly patients may be discharged from the hospital before appropriate discharge planning is complete. The purpose of this pilot study was to determine elderly patients' and their family members' level of satisfaction ...

African American Decision Makers in Healthcare

Exploring the Impact of Mentoring on Professional Advancement

by Deon L. Wolliston


This qualitative case study explored the impact of mentoring on professional advancement among African Americans healthcare professionals. A nonrandom purposeful sample was used to identify 21 African American hospital decision makers employed in the specialty areas of nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and administration. Two central research questions were used to explore the role of mentoring on professional advancement and the participants’ perception of the importance of mentorship and empowerment on their professional advancement. Data was analyzed using Moustakas (1994) modified van Kaam method of analysis. Results of the study showed that mentoring plays an important role in the professional advancement of African American hospital professionals. Additionally, the study participants be...