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October 2013

Dear colleague, You are cordially invited to participate and submit abstracts to the V International Conference on Env...

Madrid (Spain)

May 2014

MAY 27
The Bioprocess Technology Division of the School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang is proud t...

PARKROYAL Resort Penang

June 2014

Aims and Scope With the exciting title 'Gut-Brain-Axis' we would like to open an interdisciplinary discussion of the n...


July 2014

GTC is proud to present its Infectious Diseases World Summit 2014, to be held in Boston, MA on July 9-11, 2014. This su...

Hyatt Regency Boston,

September 2014

SEP 25
The workshop aims to provide a platform for researchers in academia to exchange ideas across the breadth of microbiolog...


October 2014

The III International Conference on Antimicrobial Research - ICAR2014, which will be held in the Faculty of Medicine - ...


November 2014

NOV 26
The Scientific Committee of the 15th Asia-Pacific Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infection invites the submissio...

Kuala Lumpur

October 2015

OCT 13
The driving force behind the organization of the ICCA meetings has been the continued need for a conference that focuse...

Galveston Island,

OCT 29
Overview: QMS is the catch phrase for accreditation and is the backbone of ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2005. The Quality Sys...

san francisco,
United States

February 2016

FEB 29
Biomanufacturing Excellence at Enhanced Speed, Reduced Cost and Superior Quality The 3rd Biologics Manufacturing Asia...


September 2016

SEP 27
This is the FIRST live streamed only, three day professional conference discussing Synthetic Biology. We have gathered ...

October 2016

OCT 14
International Symposium of Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics (ISBMBG`16) Under "International Advanced Research...

Bosnia and Herzegovina

November 2016

This is the FIRST live streamed only, three day professional conference on antibiotic resistance and alternatives. We h...

March 2017

MAR 14
Over 200 delegates representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, forensic laboratories, govern...

United Kingdom

MAR 21
Overview: The Webinar will discuss the practical distinction between and method validation and method verification an...

United States

June 2017

JUN 12
Oxford Global’s Microbiome Discovery and Development Congress will take place on the 12th & 13th June 2017 in Berlin, ...


September 2017

SEP 26
The inaugural Genomic Medicine 2017 Cambridge will take place at Murray Edwards College on 26th & 27th September and wil...

United Kingdom

October 2017

OCT 18


OCT 28
IWBG-2017, International Workshop on Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioinformatics Website: http://conf-sc...



The Systemic Practice of Misinterpretation of Scientific Data

The Case of Persisters, Small Colony Variants, Viable but Non-Culturable Bacteria, and Senescent Bacteria in Microbiology

by Jaison Jacob


In this book, the author unfolds the ways in which researchers misinterpret their data to promote a hypothesis with the aim of attracting the attention of the scientific community. By providing examples, the author explains how flawed research findings enter and remain in scientific literature for a long time. This book gives insights not only to researchers in the sciences, but also to journal reviewers and to various governmental and private agencies that work to promote science. The message of the book is positive and clear: it is possible to identify the flaws in scientific research by scrutinizing the subject matter thoroughly, thus saving researchers around the globe time and money. It is generally believed that the scientific community is relatively free of corruption and that it...

Microbes in the Spotlight

Recent Progress in the Understanding of Beneficial and Harmful Microorganisms

by A. Mendez-Vilas (editor)


Microbes in the Spotlight: Recent Progress in the Understanding of Beneficial and Harmful Microorganisms contains a selection of papers presented at the VI International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology -- BioMicroWorld2015 (Barcelona, Spain). This book offers the outcomes of completed and outgoing research works and experiences of several microbiology research groups across the world. The volume is divided into the following sections: --Agricultural and environmental microbiology. Biodeterioration, biodegratation, bioremediation --Food microbiology --Medical microbiology. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. Antimicrobial resistance --Industrial microbiology. Microbial production of high-value products --Biotechnologically relevant enzymes and p...

by A. Mendez-Vilas (editor)


Multidisciplinary Approaches for Studying and Combating Microbial Pathogens offers the opportunity to learn about recent findings in the fight against microbial pathogens. This book contains a compilation of papers presented at the III International Conference on Antimicrobial Research (ICAR2014), held in Madrid, Spain, in October 2014. The papers are written by researchers from around the world and focus on several themes: antimicrobial natural products, biofilms, antimicrobial surfaces, antimicrobial resistance, clinical and medical microbiology. Readers will hopefully find this set of papers interesting and representative of the worldwide current knowledge on antimicrobial research.