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June 2014

JUN 12
The dead or absent mother is a recurring feature in Western cultural productions, from Greek myths through folktales, S...

Umeå University,

December 2014

DEC 27
Call for Papers 2014 4th International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics - ICLLL2014 is the premier f...

Phuket Island,

January 2015

JAN 31
Braniff Conference in the Liberal Arts On Reason and Revelation Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts University of D...


February 2015

Call For Papers Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: The Knowledge Base of Language T...

Bandar Seri Begawan,

March 2015

MAR 13
The stories and plays of the ancients have long been an inspiration, a point de départ, for Western literature. Acros...

Baton Rouge - LSU

MAR 27
This conference will both expand and renew our work on Ethics of Alterity in 19th, 20th and 21st-Century British Litera...


April 2015

APR 30
The Struggle for Recognition: The Hispano-American Novel in the 21st Century 46th Annual Convention, Northeast Modern...


June 2015

2015 International Conference on Culture, Languages and Literature (ICCLL2015), will be held during June 9-10, 2015, in...

Kuala Lumpur,

JUN 20
* * CALL FOR PAPERS * * * Great Writing UK’s International Creative Writing Conference Imperial College, London Satu...

Imperial College London

JUN 20
Publishers, Writers and Readers Conference is a first of its kind to be held in Birmingham UK. The conference aims to br...

United Kingdom


October 2015

Christianity and Culture: The Interaction of Faith and Literature through the Ages 2015 Southwest Conference on Christ...


February 2016

FEB 26
ICLLA 20162016 3rd International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts Date: February 26-27, 2016 Venue: Tai...

Taiwan, Province Of China

May 2016

MAY 30
Important Dates *Extended Full Paper Submission Deadline: 12 February 2016 Early Bird Registration Deadline: 4 March...


August 2016

AUG 16
9th Malaysia International Conference on Languages, Literatures and Cultures In the research world, it is inconcievab...


March 2017

MAR 23
The panel seeks to bring together interdisciplinary research papers across, but not limited to, sociolinguistics, cultur...

United States

May 2017

MAY 11
7th International Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics organized by International Burch Univ...

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

MAY 27
International Conference on Poetry Studies 27 May 2017 – London, UK organised by Interdisciplinary Research Foundati...

United Kingdom

June 2017

Language is at a nexus of interrelationships between individuals, society and culture. The interface between language an...


August 2017

AUG 23
7th Biennial congress FEAR AND SAFETY European Network for Comparative Literary Studies (ENCLS) Location: Univers...


October 2017

OCT 12
Secretariat of the Conference on the International Association of oriental Studies has been succeeded in collaboration ...

Frankfurt ,

December 2017

CFP: In our modern world, which some have argued to be disjointed while immersing itself ever deeper in crisis, ...


January 2018

he Irish Studies Program at Drew University is pleased to announce the Call For Papers for the Transatlantic Connections...


March 2018

MAR 29
The task of translating a literary text often poses the challenge of choosing between content and form. This is, of cour...

Los Angeles, California,
United States

April 2018

APR 12
The notion of “community” sometimes centers unquestioningly on whatever it is shared by a given group of people with...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
United States

June 2018

JUN 25
Language is at a nexus of interrelationships between individuals, society and culture. The interface between language an...



Literature and Education

Proposal of an English Literature Program for Primary, E.S.O and Bachillerato as an Integrated and Interdisciplinary Tool for TESL, and Character Education

by Esther de la Peña Puebla


This work seeks to analyze the role that literature has played within the educational sphere throughout the past and recent years, the conflicts derived from the academic views, and how literature is an essential tool for the comprehensive study of a second language, as an integral part of the educational process. The principal aim of the model suggested in this thesis is the introduction of non-traditional approaches to the integration of literary texts, as a cross-curricular interdisciplinary resource for the learning of English as a second language. The literature program here proposed enhances the figure of the teacher and promotes the skills, knowledge, and competences of the students within a multicultural, changing society.

Literature and Education

Proposal of an English Literature Program for E.S.O. and Bachillerato as an Integrated and Interdisciplinary Tool for TESL

by Esther de la Peña Puebla


This paper seeks to analyze the role that literature has performed throughout the last years, the conflicts derived from the academic views, and how literature is an essential tool for the comprehensive study of a second language, as an integral part of the educational process. The Model suggested enhances the figure of the teacher and promotes the skills, knowledge and attitudes of the students within a multicultural environment.

Disabled Literature

A Critical Examination of the Portrayal of Individuals with Disabilities in Selected Works of Modern and Contemporary American Literature

by Miles Beauchamp, Wendy Chung, Alijandra Mogilner, & Svetlana Zakinova


This book examines how authors have used characters with disabilities to elicit emotional reactions in readers; additionally, how writers use disabilities to present individuals as "the other" rather than simply as people. Finally, the book discusses how literature has changed, or is changing, with regards to its presentation of those with a disability.

by Parker L. Mott


Salvia divinorum is a hallucinogenic herb that was originally used in the Mazatec Indian culture of Oaxaca, Mexico for spiritual and medicinal purposes (Wasson, 1962). Salvia divinorum produces powerful hallucinogenic effects when the leaves are chewed, orally consumed in a liquid state, or dried and smoked. Its active ingredient is Salvinorin-A (Roth et al., 2002; Siebert, 1994), a highly selective kappa-opioid receptor agonist (Roth et al., 2002), that researchers consider to be the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogen (Ortega, Blount & Manchand, 1982; Siebert, 1994; Valdes et al., 1984). In recent years, the use of Salvia divinorum as a recreational drug has become increasingly popular (Vortherms & Roth, 2006), facilitated by the availability of the drug and videos (e.g., YouTub...

Cultural Perspectives on Film, Literature, and Language

Selected Proceedings of the 19th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film

by Will Lehman & Margit Grieb (editors)


This volume includes selected papers from the 19th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film, held on February 26-27, 2010, at the University of South Florida in Tampa. It represents a cross-section of the latest trends in Hispanic, French, German, Italian, and Greek studies.

The Treatment of Schizoid Personality Disorder Using Psychodynamic Methods

A Review of the Empirical Literature and Synthesis

by Matthew Viveier


The aim of this study was to establish what is known about the treatment of schizoid personality disorder using psychodynamic psychotherapies, by conducting a systematic review of the literature. The limitations of this approach are set out, followed by an account of the development of the use of the term in descriptive psychiatry and the psychodynamic literature. The inclusion criteria used were studies in English and of adults, that had a methodology, had confirmed a diagnosis of schizoid personality disorder in the subject during the study, that used any type of psychodynamic approach, and that measured the outcome. Search terms included "schizoid", "psychotherapy", "therapy", "psychodynamic", "psychoanalysis", "trial", "efficacy", "effectiveness", "method", "methodology", "qualitative"...

Forbidden Fruit

The Censorship of Literature and Information for Young People

by Sarah McNicol (editor)


Forbidden Fruit: The Censorship of Literature and Information for Young People was a two day conference held in Southport, UK in June 2008. This collection of papers from the conference will be of interest to teachers, school and public librarians, publishers, and other professionals involved in the provision of literature and information resources for young people, as well as to researchers and students. The proceedings draw together some of the latest research in this area from a number of fields, including librarianship, education, literature, and linguistics. The topics covered include translations and adaptations, pre-censorship by authors, publishers and editors, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans) materials, and the views of young people themselves. The papers included in t...

A Thematic Approach to French Cultural Studies

Love, Sex and Desire in French Literature and Cinema

by Marie-Anne Visoi


A Thematic Approach to French Cultural Studies: Love, Sex and Desire in French Literature and Cinema introduces a selection of major literary texts and film adaptations to students at the intermediate college and university level. The goal of this book is to provide a theme-based approach for teaching French Cultural Studies by enabling undergraduate students to contextualise and to think conceptually about French culture and its place in the Western culture and tradition. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this book is that it includes a collection of effective hands-on activities, multimedia resources and teaching suggestions which will stimulate students to develop their cultural and literary competency. The text-based method is designed to encourage close reading of three representa...

Working on Texts

Reading Literature Critically

by Enrico Terrinoni


If reading is inevitably always an experiment, reading literary masterpieces gains one access to a linguistic and semiotic universe that baffles hermeneutic authority, as well as any attempt to propose definitive interpretations. What is good about reading is that it is simultaneously a statement of subjectivity and recognition of the other as a different interpreter of the same signs. Every reading is therefore always provisional. Working on Texts provides some old and new readings of famous literary masterpieces by authors such as John Donne, S.T. Coleridge, Walt Whitman, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, and Seamus Heaney.

Cooperative Performance

Factors Affecting the Performance of International Technological Cooperation

by Hung-hsin Chen


Technological cooperation is not only costly and time consuming, but also has a high attrition rate. Most literature on strategic cooperation focuses mainly on issues related to cooperation formation and the reasons why firms form these cooperative partnerships. However, a successfully formed cooperation is not always managed well enough to achieve a satisfactory performance. The knowledge of cooperative formation is necessary, but insufficient to achieve a satisfactory performance. The literature suggests that scholars know little about the underlying factors affecting cooperative performance. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to establish the possible effects of key factors on the performance of international technological cooperation, and the possible relations be...

Neighborhood Challenge

The European Union and Its Neighbors

by Birgul Demirtas-Coskun & Bezen Balamir-Coskun


One of the intriguing questions of the post-Cold War era has been whether the EU will play a major global role in world politics as non-traditional threats and challenges came to the forefront. Launching new policies such as the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the European Security and Defence Policy and the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) have been considered important steps in the EU?s evolution as a regional and possibly global actor. Neighborhood Challenge analyzes critical aspects of the European Union's relations with its neighbours, by extending its analysis beyond the ENP. Unlike existing books on the subject, the volume covers the entire neighborhood from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus to North Africa; from the Western Balkans to the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Such an ...

The Essential Dissertation Resource

From Proposal to Defense-Experts in Every Field

by James Lani, Pres. Statistics Solutions


Download complete 61 page Essential Dissertation Resource guide (click Download Complete PDF button in left sidebar), or visit the Statistics Solutions website shown below for more details. In The Essential Dissertation Resource, Statistics Solutions has culled templates and examples from more than 20 years of experience working with doctoral students from around the country, using both qualitative and quantitative methods, from online and brick-and-mortar schools, and in diverse fields, such as business, psychology, nursing, education, and many others. The Essentials book will help graduate students get started on their dissertation by providing a framework to begin plugging in discipline and topic specific materials. The book also applies to those working on their theses or project...

by Carol Elizabeth Reed-Jones


The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential for increasing informal music-making in elementary school culture, and create a model of such music-making. Precedence for this model can be found in the literature of ethnomusicology, educational psychology and learning theory, multicultural music education, and cultural anthropology. Literature from four distinct traditions and contexts of music-making in integrative sociocultural contexts—sub-Saharan African ngoma, and Community Music as manifested in New Orleans second lines, old-time music and dance, and summer camp music-making—was parsed with a philosophical lens to determine and assess possible areas of intersection between these four participatory cultures and North American public school culture. Each of these five ar...

Synthesizing Systems

The Work of Art and Science in the Fiction of Richard Powers

by Anna Darden Copeland


The purpose of this dissertation is to introduce a general reading audience to the major themes found in the fiction of Richard Powers with an emphasis on his use of science. For Powers, science is something more than the accumulation of technical data and the proliferation of theories developed to explain physical phenomena. It is an evolving body of knowledge which has important insights to contribute into the conditions which ground human experience The close and often detailed discussions of contemporary issues in science which Powers incorporates into his fiction indicate the extent to which he sees science as an inseparable component in any attempt to understand the complexities of human experience. The common ground Powers uses to link the interests of science and those of fiction ...

Risk Factors and Business Models

Understanding the Five Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk and the Causes of Business Failure

by D. Anthony Miles


One of the primary concerns in a small business is the problem of risk. Many who begin the start-up process terminate it in less than one year. Of those that survive, many are unable to achieve sustained growth and profits. Small-to-medium business enterprises (SME) have a 50% to 90% chance of failure within the first five years. While there are measures of personal risk behavior of entrepreneurs, the literature contains no measure of risk orientation for the enterprise. The purpose of this study was to develop and validate a researcher-designed instrument to measure the critical forces of business risk. The 37-item Entrepreneurial Risk Assessment Scale (ERAS) was developed from key theoretical concepts grounded in economics, marketing, management, finance, and entrepreneurship literatu...

by Duncan Aaron Borg Ellul


This dissertation examines the social context of underage drinking in terms of crime, mental disorder and social disability. The perception of risk and awareness of Maltese young people plays a significant role in the study. Through this study, it was found out that underage drinking in Malta is a problem and that students have misconception about Laws on alcohol. It was also established that the Law in Malta is neither being supported by the community nor strictly enforced. The study has reviewed the literature, which documented the importance, nature and extent of underage alcohol use in Malta. During the course of study, it was determined that young people are subjected to excessive pressure from school, parents, peers and/or other social reasons. The literature review has shown th...

by Ramona Ann Hall


The Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) of 1990 drastically changed the state’s entire educational system in ways of curriculum, governance, and finance. KERA has served as somewhat of a blueprint for reform legislation in a number of other states. A literature review revealed that traditionally the relationship between K-12 reform and higher education (teacher preparation) in the United States has not been very strong. Although the connections between the two were unclear early on in Kentucky’s reform efforts, much progress has been made in linking KERA to the teacher preparation programs in the state. Some documentation on how the state colleges and universities have responded to the legislation exists. Very little literature, however, on how the private institutions have respon...

by Nicholas V. Sushkin


The electrostatic interaction between two charged spheres in the presence of a screening electrolyte is calculated at the level of the linearized Debye-Hückel theory. The calculation is performed analytically as a multipole expansion by applying two-center spherical harmonic expansions and symbolic manipulation methods. I focus on charge-charge and charge-induced dipole interactions, calculated for two spheres of possibly unequal size. The former interaction is given to good approximation by the familiar Debye-Hückel form ~ q1q2exp[-k(R-2a)]/[(epsilon*r(1+ka)^2]. The new results are the charge-induced dipole interactions. Physically, these terms arise from two sources: (i) surface polarization charge at the surface of each sphere, and (ii) exclusion of the counterion cloud of eac...

by Donna M. Kimball


The purpose of this study was to examine the perception of the registered nurses' knowledge in managing the non-diabetic patient with hyperglycemia in the acute care setting. The evidence that has been identified to keep tight glycemic control has demonstrated better outcomes for this population of patients. A non-experimental, quantitative approach was used in this study. Data was obtained based on a descriptive design, using a survey to collect information from an identified population. A convenience sample of 298 registered nurses, who worked as staff nurses at a small community hospital, was selected to obtain information for this study. A questionnaire was the tool developed to collect the data for this research design. This questionnaire was developed from the research results foun...

by Adel A. Al-Rumaih


In this dissertation, a new spare capacity planning methodology is proposed utilizing path restoration. The approach is based on forcing working flows/traffic which are on paths that are disjoint to share spare backup capacity. The algorithm for determining the spare capacity assignment is based on genetic algorithms and is capable of incorporating non-linear variables such as non-linear cost function and QoS variables into the objective and constraints. The proposed methodology applies to a wider range of fault scenarios than most of the current literature. It can tolerate link-failures, node-failures, and link-and-node failures. It consists of two stages: the first stage generates a set of network topologies that maximize the sharing between backup paths by forcing them to use a subse...

Critical Ingredients of Intensive Case Management

Judgments of Researchers/Administrators, Program Managers and Case Managers

by Richard W. Schaedle


Intensive Case Management (ICM) did not evolve from a single, well-defined model format but from different case management models. As a result, it has been vaguely defined as meaning more "intense" than usual case management, thus highlighting the lack of consensus about ICM's definition and parameters. Despite these differences, ICM programs aspire to a set of common principles and core operational functions derived from the concept of continuity of care. Recent literature reviews have found mixed results regarding studies examining ICM effectiveness ( e.g., psychiatric hospitalizations, etc.). It has been difficult to make comparisons between studies because operational definitions have not been standardized. This study attempted to construct a program theory that unifies the various I...

Due Diligence

A New Theoretical Model for the School Board's Role in Creating Strategic Educational and Financial Planning Coherence

by Frances S. De Nuit


The role of the school board in public K-12 schools is considered from the agency and the stakeholder perspectives. A new theoretical model for the school board members practice of due diligence encompassing content and process issues is developed from empirical literature on agency and stakeholder relationships, vision content and process, and strategy-making process capability. A four pronged methodology is used to test the model and resolve research issues on the practice of due diligence: 1) Development of an accountability measure of student performance using the Accountability Report from the New Mexico State Department of Education; 2) Testing of 10 propositions and 7 hypotheses using case studies of seven districts, survey results of 89 district board presidents and superinte...

by Lobna Ali Al-Khalifa


A significant volume of literature has been developed that seeks to provide an explanation for the growth of FDI and its impact on less developed countries. The literature is characterized by diversity and controversy. Based on it, a range of reasons for encouraging investment have been proposed including its favorable effects on employment levels, the balance of payments and balance of trade of the host country and also the potential for acquisition of technology and skills (Cave: 1982 and Dunning: 1993). Equally, the potentially negative effects of growing levels of foreign investment on domestic market structures and national sovereignty have long been the focus of attention (Vernon: 1971 and Jenkins: 1987). More recent studies focused on the positive effect FDI can create through the i...

by Bethel G.A. Erastus-Obilo


Lay participation in the criminal justice process in the form of a jury is a celebrated phenomenon throughout the common law jurisdictions. While not claiming credit for its origin, England, as the latent cradle of the modern jury, disseminated this mode of trial to a great part of the world through colonization. Yet, trial by jury does not enjoy constitutional protection under English law. The system has been under severe criticism, curtailment and considerable pressure in recent times, perhaps far more than in other countries. Critics have demanded reform or outright abolition and supporters have opposed the demands just as vehemently and any reform achieved has been piecemeal and reluctant. The furore has helped to galvanise robust and extensive intellectual debate on the subject. It ha...

Visualizing the Invisible

Application of Knowledge Domain Visualization to the Longstanding Problem of Disciplinary and Professional Conceptualization in Emergency and Disaster Management

by Joseph G. Martin III


The status of emergency and disaster management (EDM) as an academic and professional discipline remains one of the field’s lingering, unresolved questions. A majority of the literature appears to support the claim that emergency management either is, or is in the process of becoming, a recognized academic and professional discipline. The claim’s key belief is that the field possesses a unique body of knowledge, an essential conceptual requirement for disciplinary status. This thesis examines the concept of professional/academic disciplines, as it relates to bodies of knowledge, and more specifically, the EDM body of knowledge. The technique of knowledge domain visualization (KDViz) using co-citation analysis is discussed. Analysis and visualization of the disaster literature is conduc...

Sequencing and Prediction of Adolescent Soft Drug Initiation:

Systematic Review, Quantitative Investigation, and Dual Cross-Validation

by Rebecca J. Howell


In providing a comprehensive investigation of alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana initiation among adolescents, the overarching goals of the research were to build upon extant findings, address important gaps found in the literature, and contribute to the prevention science knowledge base. A four-fold purpose founded the study: 1) provide a systematic review of the soft drug initiation literature; 2) test a modified version of Kandel's (2002) drug sequencing hypothesis; 3) determine if predictors of soft drug initiation differ in kind or saliency by biological age and drug type; and 4) examine age- and drug- specific determinants of the timing at which soft drug initiation occurs. Supplemental attention also was directed at evaluating the utility of Petraitis et al.'s (1995) distal-proximal ...

The Post-Divorce Nonresident Father-Child Relationship

A Review of Critical Factors and Guidelines for Clinical Practice

by Bulent E. Dincer


In the United States, divorce is estimated to occur in approximately 50% of all marriages. As a result, children are increasingly being exposed to the divorce process and are at increased risk for emotional and behavioral difficulties. The maternal preference for child placement following a divorce is well documented and often places fathers in the role of the nonresidential parent. Parent-child relationships frequently continue after divorce and fathers have been shown to play a critical role in child development. Factors that contribute to the quality of the nonresident father-child relationship are not well understood and the primary interest of this literature review is to highlight the post-divorce critical factors that affect the nonresident father-child relationship. After reviewing...

Towards Improved Project Management Practice

Uncovering the evidence for effective practices through empirical research

by Terence J. Cooke-Davies


Projects are important to industry, but project performance continually disappoints stakeholder expectations. Organizations react to this performance problem in many ways, and purchase consultancy, training, methods and tools as possible solutions. There is no published evidence that any of these solutions are consistently successful in improving project performance. This thesis answers the question, "What can be done to improve project management practices, and thus project performance?" by demonstrating that a novel form of continuous action research can contribute such evidence. Firstly a community of practice was formed from practitioners with major corporations interested in answering the question, and commercially motivated to implement changes. A programme was developed that c...

by Hilda Shirk Wenger


Scope of Study: This dissertation explores what motivates not-for-profit social service agencies to merge and whether the merger achieves what was intended. It also looks at unanticipated problems and changes to mission statements as a result of the merger. A triangulation methodology incorporated a quantitative survey instrument and case studies to conduct the research. The agencies included in the study have experienced a merger since 1988 and are members of the Alliance for Children and Families, a national organization of family and child-serving agencies. Findings and Conclusions: This study shows that agencies are merging to share resources and improve client services, in contrast to the findings of the literature that focus on mergers as a response to survival. This pro-active...

by Didra Brown Taylor


Alcohol use continues to be one of the most serious and complex social and health-related problems affecting the African American community today. A review of the literature suggested that African American drink less but suffer from more negative consequences of drinking. Although African Americans are only 14% of the population, they are reported to consume 30% of malt liquor beers. Most surveys which seek to measure alcohol consumption patterns for African American men refer to questions related to mainstream alcohol types. For African American men, the literature has not addressed these phenomena nor adequately provided a culturally specific theoretical framework by which to start addressing these issues. The present study uses an Africentric perspective based on the Association of...